As a kid I overheard someone stating — Tata Motors uses high quality materials on its cars. Hence their cars are tough. Today, I reckon that I overheard might be true. Tata Altroz has scored a 5 star rating in the Global NCAP test and at the moment, it is the second vehicle in India that has scored this in GNCAP. In this post, we will highlight about how did the Altroz fair in terms of points in the GNCAP evaluation but also highlight 5 important points how did it score a 5 star rating. Let the story unfold.

Tata Altroz

Before getting into Altroz and its scoring, we need to highlight that generally we do think of cars that we will purchase to be safe enough. A generic thought process 4 wheels are synonymous to be  safe. While buying a car, we do not consider or go on a look out for the car’s safety, instead what we look out for are the features and even the technologies utilised on the vehicle. Once you buy a car, you can add accessories like a music system but can’t change a vehicle’s safety quotient. This decision has to be made when you purchase a vehicle. Today, we are the third fastest growing car market in the world, but still we lag on the safety front. Until now, only one product – Nexon – did score a 5 star crash rating. 

When we buy a smartphone, we focus on getting the most value for the buck, the same goes for an iPad or even a car. We also do a lot for the safety of the phone or the iPad by using covers. An iPad or a phone broken won’t affect us that much, whereas the impact of car crash can be a disaster not just for us but even our family. So, its vital to focus on our safety and that of our family’s. Get a car that is sturdy.

What is Global NCAP?

Global NCAP is an independent organisation that gives out car crash test ratings. It isn’t owned by any car brand and it is an autonomous body.  This agency has turned around things and enhanced the safety factor, as brands and consumers have become aware about it.

GlobalNCAP’s statement after the Altroz crash results stated, “The latest result in our #SaferCarsforIndia crash tests shows a strong signal that Tata is moving its fleet to 5-star levels of safety performance. We would like to encourage all other car manufacturers in India to follow Tata’s example and bring affordable 5-star cars to Indian consumers.” It is indeed a sign of worry, as most of the popular vehicles in the Indian car market at the moment have been struggling to hit high numbers in the crash test conducted. It has been a zero, one or a two at the most for these vehicles.

Altroz has scored a 5/5 in the GNCAP tests. There are a total of two categories: Adult Safety and Child Safety. The Adult Safety score for the Altroz is 16.13 which is the highest in India. In child safety, the Altroz has scored a 29, this is also the highest amongst any of the Indian cars. The Altroz is definitely at the moment, the #SafestCarInIndia. If it was priced at Rs 20-23 lakhs, then its a debatable point. But for a vehicle to be priced around Rs 10 lakhs, it is a great result. A big salute to the Tata Motors team, which has given priority to the Indian audience.

How did other cars performance in the GNCAP Tests – Check out this story.

5 Reasons Why the Tata Altroz scored 5 Stars in Global NCAP?

  1. ALFA Platform – Tata Motors has co-developed this new platform with Jaguar Land Rover – called as ALFA. This new platform has  been built jointly to make global technologies more affordable for the Indian audiences. This is a future ready platform – primarily because it  has been engineered to meet the next-set of crash tests and even to have an electric vehicle option for all the new-gen vehicles that will be coming in. It seems a great move from the company. A car’s platform is its base. Just like the role, roots play for a tree. Doesn’t matter on the amount of fertilisers that are used, if the base of the tree isn’t firm, the fruits won’t be that great. Any amount of airbags won’t really add much value to the vehicle, until its platform is sturdy enough. Hence its advisable to understand the making of the platform, than just looking for the number of airbags on offer. This is one of the most underrated topic. 2020 Tata Altroz Side
  2. Sheet Metal – There are several brands that do offer international platforms for Indian buyers. However, these seem to be watered down as a measure of cost cut. For instance, you can have a fresh mango milkshake or a mango syrup milkshake. Both might taste the same, but you will realise which is the real one. So, sheet metal has some connect to the feel also. When you step into a car, shut the door or knock on its outer body or even experience the sturdiness at high speeds. These are all signs of how a car feels. You do get a satisfactory answer maybe about the thickness of the sheet metal or at least its density. These all aspects do count.Tata Altroz Golden Car wheel
  3. Airbags, ABS + EBD and CSC – The Altroz gets twin airbags, ABS + EBD (Electronic brake distribution) and even CSC – corner stability control. All these aren’t the most important but are one of the crucial elements in the safety recipe checklist.
  4. ISOFIX Seats –  We do care for our children. Of course we are earning money not just for us but even for their better future. Take care of them well, and ensure a car has ISOFIX seat option so that you have a peace of mind for their safety. The Altroz does offer ISOFIX seats for your kids.2020 Tata Altroz
  5. Talkback – Ok, I know what will you say? This isn’t something that is about safety. Well, in this talkback feature, you get a voice alert if the seatbelt isn’t worn, any door or boot lid isn’t shut properly. Many a times we don’t look at it on a serious note. However this is a vital point. A voice alert, makes take the action and we either wear the seat belt or shut the door whichever alert it is.

It is a moment of pride for many like us, that so far it is only the Indian car brand that has scored a complete FIVE on FIVE. If you are looking at getting the Altroz, the launch is on 22nd of January 2020. At the moment, you can book the #SafestCarInIndia for Rs 21,000. My recommendation — get the Gold colour as it really stands out. Hope you liked the story and comments will be highly appreciated.


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