Hero has patented 2 names for their upcoming products. Connect and Freedo are the names and they tell us that one of them will be an electric scooter. The company has rivals like Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor Company. Both of these companies are developing their electric products. Bajaj has unveiled their first electric scooter, the Bajaj Chetak also they will be launching in the vehicle today on 14th of January. We think that the name Connect might be for the electric scooter which means the 2020 Hero Freedo will be a scooter with an internal combustion engine which is BS6 compliant. 

Will it be an electric or a BS6 scooter?

Hero already has 5 scooters with Internal Combustion engine which will are in the market. The 2020 Hero Freedo will add to this list. The basic problem with the existing scooters is that none of them has been able to capture the attention of youth. Although the Maestro Edge 125 comes with a good Red and Black but the overall dimensions of the vehicles are not that appealing for the youth. They have targeted the Pleasure series towards female buyers.

The other 2 scooters have a formal look and they have a more mature audience. The Destini 125 is a family-oriented scooter whereas the Hero Duet is very similar to the Honda Activa. For now, any of these vehicles are not in BS6 version. We hope that the upcoming BS6 engine will be introduced on the 2020 Hero Freedo too. What we suspect is that this might be a scooter with a sharp styling along with an adventure-oriented look. 

What makes 2020 Hero Freedo for the youth?

The 2020 Hero Freedo will directly compete with the Honda Dio or the Honda Grazia depending upon the engine that will be introduced on it. We expect it to get bigger wheels and have a sporty styling as on the TVS Ntroq. There will be a lot of the storage spaces on the vehicle. It will also feature an i3s system along with a silent start. The scooter will come with connectivity to the smartphone as on the Hero Xpulse 200. There will be a matte colour option with some of the dual-tone colour schemes too. The use of chrome might be minimal or null. The instrument cluster will be completely digital and it will have a lot of information as on the TVS Ntroq.

2020 Hero Freedo

The 2020 Hero Connect as the name suggests will be the electric vehicle. It might have the same design language as the Hero Fredo but it will be slower in terms of performance. To know more about the vehicle and what we expect from it click here. Hero has a stake in the Bengaluru based startup Ather Energy. They have a solid product with the name Ather 450 which could be the Basis of Hero’s next electric scooter. For now, Hero has to get its current lineup BS6 compliant. This has to be done before April 2020. The new BS6 vehicle will get a fuel injection system which will provide it a good mileage and smoother performance than the carbureted versions. We have done the review of the Hero pleasure + which is a 110cc scooter from hero focused towards driving peoples attention from the standard pleasure model. 


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