Last year Bajaj has unveiled an electric scooter. This scooter has been named as the iconic Bajaj Chetak. Originally the Bajaj Chetak was a 2 stroke scooter from Bajaj which came under the crush of emission norms and was discontinued. Now during the development of the vehicle, there were sketches which were leaked which created rumours of the vehicle to be an IC engine vehicle. Although this might not be true for now we cannot rule out the possibility of the vehicle to be able to support an IC engine. This could be the 2020 Bajaj Chetak 125.

For now, Bajaj has a 125cc BS6 engine which is seen on the Pulsar 125. If they want then they can bring this engine to the Bajaj Chetak and mate it with a CVT gearbox. The development of a CVT gearbox is something that might be holding them back. Also with the upcoming BS6 norms, the pricing of the scooters will see some rise which will cause the market to become steeply competitive. This might not be a good time to enter a segment for the first time.

Bajaj Chetak Unviel 2

The other reason is that if this scooter does not live up to the image of the old image of the Bajaj Chetak then it might get a public lash back. Lastly, the company has a lineup of BS6 launches to take place. They have to update the complete Pulsar range. All these reasons might be holding back Bajaj from making the 2020 Bajaj Chetak into a 125cc BS6 scooter.

What could we expect on the Bajaj Chetak 125?

Looking at the shift in the industry now with a number of 125cc scooters that have been introduced, we can expect a lot of new scooters to be 125cc. Also, they will be equipped with fuel injection. This upgrade will give it a constant performance. It also will give it better cold starts, as well as the vehicle, will have good mileage. Another thing about fuel injection is that the fuel supply is kept constant which will allow the vehicle to comply with the new emission norms. The New ACG technology seen on the Honda two-wheelers make them silent and give them the functionality of start-stop. A similar type of technology might be seen on this 2020 Bajaj Chetak 125. Bajaj might go another step with this vehicle and offer it with LED lights for the headlights and tail lamps. 

We might expect the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS6 soon. Expect of the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 the complete Pulsar range is carburated. This means they have to be fuel injected to make it BS6 compliant. The company has to come up with a lot of vehicle in the next few months. There are also rumours of a 250cc Pulsar which might be under development. To read more on the Bajaj Pulsar 250. Also to know more about the Bajaj Chetak Electric check out the video below.


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