So is the Honda Active i BS6 coming this month? As we all know, the Honda Activa 6G is going to come soon and the brand will be showing us the upcoming scooter on the 15th of this month. Honda will also show the various variants of the scooter like the STD, Limited Edition, DLX and DLX Limited Edition. Along with that Honda will also be launching the Activa i. The model that sits below the STD variant and is the cheapest and minimalistic scooter in the Activa line-up. Most Activa buyers go for the STD or DLX to get a premium-looking machine but if affordable transportation is top priority over anything, the Activa i makes a strong case for itself. We will thus expect to see this scooter too at the launch of the new Activa 6G. Below is what we expect from the little scooter.

Honda Activa i What’s new?

So the Activa i has been the cheaper alternative to the regular STD Activa because of its reduced weight of 103kgs compared to the 109kgs of the STD Activa. The scooter also gets more fuel efficiency as it is lighter and has an overall smaller body than its more expensive counterpart. The scooter does not get stuff like LED headlamps, chrome garnish or a digital instrument cluster. The Activa i boasts basic features like – vibrant dual-tone colors, a front hook to hang stuff, an under-seat mobile charger and some a 4 in 1 lock. We expect the new scooter to get more premium touches when it is launched.

2020 Honda-activa-i-lush-magenta-metallic-side

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What about the engine. This will be the same as the Activa 6G when it comes. The current scooter also uses the same engine as the elder sibling – the Activa 5G. So the new BS6 compliant 110cc engine will produce the same power as the 6G. Dimensions and capacity numbers like tyre size, ground clearance, tank capacity and wheelbase will also remain the same on both scooters. We overall expect the refinement levels on the scooter to get better.

Cost and Competition

No one really competes with a bare basic scooter like the Activa i as most other manufacturers peg their scooters pricing to go up against the STD Activa in the first place. TVS does have the Scooty Pep. The price of the current scooter is Rs 55,000 which is Rs 6000 cheaper than the STD Activa. The 2020 Honda Activa i is going to maintain the same kind of price difference with the upcoming 6G. In the meantime take a look below at the BS6 Activa 125 in our video.


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