The Hero Achiever is a bike which a 150cc commuter from Hero. This bike is the first bike to get a start-stop system in its segment. The bike has styling similar to the Suzuki GS150. This bike falls at the top of the commuter segment by Hero. It had been introduced in the year 2006. Then it got a facelift in 2015. The bike had been discontinued in the year 2008 because the sales for this vehicle were not high enough. Now the bike is BS4 compliant and with BS6 deadline closing in the vehicle is in a need of an update. Let’s see what this company has to offer with the Hero Achiever BS6 update.


The current generation of the bike has a 149cc air-cooled engine. This engine produces a power of 12 bhp. The torque on the vehicle is about 13.4 Nm. The bike is tuned for better low-end torque and city driving. The bike also has Digital-DC CDI Ignition (AMI) Advanced Microprocessor Ignition which is a primitive form of Fuel injection. This allows the vehicle to has a start-stop function like the i3s. The engine is paired to a 5-speed gearbox. This gives it a good fuel economy. Now with the introduction of a BS6 engine, the engine will be completely fuel injected. This will give the benefit of cold starts.

The bike will give a more constant performance. The mileage will increase too. Overall the power figure might drop but this might not come to the notice as the vehicle will perform better overall. With the BS6 update, we also expect this bike to get a digital instrument cluster.

2016 Hero Achiever 150 iSmart side

The Hero Achiever BS6 will see a smaller tank capacity as the fuel injection system will eat up into the usable fuel quantity. There won’t be any change on the chassis of the Hero Achiever BS6. It will continue to be on the Tubular Diamond type frame.


This frame will allow the vehicle to cut some cost and also be light at the same time. The is the frame is not that rigid and but it is good for city commuters which are not subjected to high amounts of stress. Being a 150cc bike it gets a disc brake at the front but there is no option for the rear. The bike also misses out on ABS. Instead, a Combi Braking system is provided to comply with the safety norms. 

With the Hero Achiever BS6, the graphics of the vehicle will change a lot. There will be an addition of a new colour to the exsisting 3 colours. The bike will have a spacious long seat for improved comfort. The handlebar will be commuters which will give the bike an advantage of the comfort of riding. The riders triangle will be relaxed and upright. The footpegs of the bike will be centre-set thereby providing the rider most comfortable riding posture. We expect the bike to get daytime running lights with this update which will improve the styling. 

Hero Achiever BS6 Details

The Hero Achiever BS6 will compete with the other 125cc bikes in the segment. The engine is under tuned and so the power out currently is not that impressive. In terms of price, this bike ranges from Rs 67,350 – Rs 71,450. There might be an increase in the price by Rs 5000 depending upon the changes made on the bike. 


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