The Yamaha NMAX 155 is a sports scooter that is being sold by Yamaha in the international markets. The vehicle is currently being manufactured in Japan. It is powered with a 155cc engine. Recently the 2020 version of the Nmax scooter has been unveiled at Jakarta. We expect this vehicle to make it India this year. The 155cc scooter makes sense in India as Yamaha has recently launched the 125cc BS6 lineup. They are all set to bring in new product to India. 

The Yamaha Nmax has a 155cc engine. It has 14bhp of power and 13 Nm of torque. This is more than enough for a scooter. The scooter will have a blue core engine and variable valve actuation. This gives the scooter improve efficiency along with a good performance. It will also get connected features like BlueTooth connectivity. The scooter will also have some similar technology as on the Honda Activa 125 BS6. It will get the Smart Motor Generator along with Start-Stop System. This will give it an exception mileage. We doubt if the traction control system will be given to the scooter when it comes to India. The international spec model has a Smart Key System which allows keyless ignition. The front also gets a USB charger which will be very convenient to charge phones.

Yamaha NMAX 155

Also, a dual-channel ABS has been introduced which might not make it to India. The instrument cluster on this vehicle will be different from the international spec model. The wheels of this scooter will be wide with a 13-inch diameter. This will provide it good stability on high speed and absorb the bumps on bad roads. The Yamaha Nmax will have a V-Belt automatic transmission which will be much better than the CVT transmission offered on the competitor vehicles. The front-wheel gets telescopic forks. The rear also gets dual shocks at the rear.

Design-wise this Yamaha NMAX 155 looks like the Suzuki Burgman. The headlight has is fixed. The handlebar is free moving. This will help in keeping the steering light. The scooter will also get disk brake at the front and the rear might also get if it gets dual-channel ABS.The total weight of the scooter is 127 kg which gives it very good power to weight ratio.

The competition for this vehicle is a bit low with only 2 competitors. The Aprilia 160 BS6 and the Vespa are the only scooters in the 150cc segment. The main problem with segment is that the pricing of this segment merges with the bike and the performance of these scooters is a bit low as compared to bikes. 


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