Honda CB Shine will be a product the company will bring into the BS6 lineup as soon as possible. The Honda CB Shine BS6 will be like a more toned-down version of the SP 125 which is a BS6 compliant vehicle that Honda has brought into the Indian market. That bike is leaning towards the sporty side which might lose some customers who are looking for something that is subtle. The CB Shine BS6 will be a way to gain those customers. So the bike will focus on appearance while it will make use of the same engine. 

In this BS6 version of the Honda CB Shine, the engine that will be used will be a 124cc BS6 compliant engine. It will get the ACG starter system which works along with the newly introduced fuel injected system. The vehicle will also get a start-stop system which will increase fuel efficiency. The vehicle will also get programmed fuel injection system. All these changes will make the engine 16% more efficient than the previous engine. All these modern technologies to the engine will result in it producing 10 bhp of power and the torque figure will be 10.9 Nm. These are power figures are adequate for the bike as it weighs at 118 kg. The weight of the BS6 vehicle is not out yet but the bike will be around 120 kg.


CB shine BS6

The bike will continue to have a diamond type frame. The use of a diamond frame is that it saves weight and keeps the bike light. The engine has no support from the bottom. This also saves a lot on making the cradle to hole the bike. Overall a diamond frame is a good choice for cost-cutting as it is a cheap frame which does the job on a non-high performance vehicle like the CB Shine. The bike is a commuter vehicle will never be subjected to sharp performance handling and so a diamond frame is chosen here. The wheels will be split alloy wheels which will now get an interesting design. It will get a low rolling resistance tyre. This will be helpful to increse the mileage on this vehicle. The bike will be offered in disc and drum variants but it will get combi braking system on both variants. The bike being a commuter vehicle it will get a chain cover. This will keep the chain free from dust and it will be a low maintenance bike. It will also increse the chain life. The bike gets a 5-speed transmission. All these changes will be on the technical side. Also read: Hero Glamour BS6 spotted while being tested

The visual changes on the bike will be the introduction of the new graphics. We hope that with the introduction of SP 125 BS6 Honda has given users a completely sporty take and so the CB Shine BS6 will have a more commuters graphics. There will be the use of chrome-clad plastics. The use of black will reduce and the graphics will be limited to 2 colours in all. The bike will get the same graphics on every colour. We do not think there will be a new colour with the Honda CB Shine BS6. The vehicle will have a single piece seat but there will be seen with a slight mould. The BS6 version of the bike will continue to have a the analogue-digital instrument cluster. This will see some minor update on the digital side. There might be an introduction of a gear shift light. 

The pricing of the Shine BS6 will be approximately Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 more than the current price. The updated graphics and the new engine demand this extra cost. If you want to take a closer look at the BS6 compliant SP 125 check out the video below


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