Tata Hexa – a product launched in 2016, has been in conversations for a while. There are rumours that it will get discontinued. Is it true? Or no? Recently, during the Tata Altroz media drive, MotorOctane Team had the opportunity to speak to the company’s President – Mayank Pareek. The conversation has been recorded in the form of an interview, where there is talk about the Altroz, electric vehicles and even the Hexa. Check out this video:

Tata Hexa – Interview Talk

In this video, we have asked Mr Pareek about the Tata Hexa. What will be its future, will it discontinue or shall it continue? In response, initially he mentioned, “It shall continue.” And soon he even mentioned, “Tata Hexa will continue.” We are expecting some changes in the Hexa in the segmenting of the Hexa. This will happen as Gravitas is also making way. So, what will be the exact changes, its a bit too early to comment on that.

The reason for this talk of being discontinued – because of the 2.2-litre diesel engine powering the Hexa. There is a good chance that the Indian auto giant will not upgrade this new engine for BS6 norms. The Safari Storme has been discontinued for this reason, it seems. Safari had very low sales numbers as well. Hence, the investment didn’t justify an upgrade.

Tata Hexa 2019 did get an upgrade. This was a new touchscreen system, 17-inch wheels instead of the 19 and even blacked-out roof. The Hexa hasn’t been the best-seller, however there are certain buyers that have this requirement.
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In terms of space, it is one of the best-options. Tata Motors will be getting another seven-seater Gravitas soon. This is also built on the OMEGA-ARC platform and developed along with Land Rover. Gravitas will be a tad more expensive than the Hexa, and we expect an automatic too.

We have done a detailed review of the Tata Hexa. Do check it out. This is the only Hexa 2019 review available.
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No one else has gone out and made a video on the 2019 model. Else, all the other stories and videos are there for the 2016 model.
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