Will the Renault Duster 2020 be discontinued next year? Is the SUV available? A lot of questions are going around this car and what holds for its future. The answer is – It will be continued and it will no longer get a diesel engine. Renault does not have a plan to continue with the 1.5-litre diesel that does duty on its Duster, Captur and the Lodgy. So what will happen? The Lodgy does not even have a petrol variant to continue. To understand this situation better we have to look at Europe. Will the existing 1.5-litre petrol be updated to BS6? Will new engines find their way to these cars? Scroll down to know more.

Renault Duster 2020

Renault Duster 2020 Engine options

The Renault Duster 2020 will not have a diesel engine in 2020. So the two possibilities are – the current 1.5-litre engine could be updated to BS6 or Renault might get their turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol and 1.3-litre petrol TCe engines. Now, these produce 129hp/240Nm and 148/250Nm respectively. Now Renault could get these engines with new transmissions and give them to the Duster. The petrol engine might mean that the Duster will no longer get 4WD. It will more refined and quiet with a turbo engine. Also the petrol engines both mentioned here are more powerful than the petrol and diesel engines in India. So Renault could offer them here with on boasting story credentials and the other mileage. Right now there is a choice of CVT and AMT with both the BS4 engines. The new petrol engines could come with a gearbox that is a dual-clutch.  That will make for a very responsive drive in the Renault Duster.

On the design front, the BS6 model will not see many changes. It will continue to get the same facelift treatment that the car got this year (2019) . That and the features like the upholstery, touchscreen and safety features will be the same.

Renault Duster 2020 logo Renault Duster 2020 quater angle

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Renault Duster 2020 prices and launch

The Duster 2020 is going to become a lot more expensive than before. The manufacturer has said that no diesel engines will come. So the petrol range that starts from Rs 8 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs (Ex-showroom) will see an increase of at least Rs 2 lakhs or less. This may differ if the engines are new. The BS4 variant will get good discounts now as it is going to be cheaper to buy and will be also available in diesel.


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