Royal Enfield’s 500cc engines have been very charismatic and really great. While the 350cc is also good and is cheaper to buy, the 500cc is the one to go for if you want to match the looks with the grunt. Right now this engine fits right in the middle of RE’s lineup with the 350cc, 401cc engine of the Himalayan and the 650cc parallel-twin engine for Continental series. But here below we will tell you WHY you should not miss the opportunity of buying one now.

Bullet 500 2

  • Power – Oh does it have some torque! The Classic and the Thunderbird both equipped with a 500cc are normally seen not going at a casual pace but make for a brisk one with the amount of torque backing them. The 500cc engine is the weapon of choice when the bike is going through mountainous regions and needs to overcome obstacles. Remember this was the engine you wanted on your RE when there was no Himalayan around.
  • Reliability – Over the years of use and abuse this engine has seen on the roads of our country – a lot of roadside mechanics and riders know how to properly maintain them and spares for this engine can be found in the most remote parts of the country.
  • BS6 might kill it – Yes guys, the stricter BS6 emission norms coming in our country mean that the 500cc engine will have to be thoroughly redone. And from what we know the BS6 350cc Classic spotted testing is getting a new sub-frame, overhead cams and new suspension. The engine will be more refined and powerful too that way and will also make the ride better. We don’t see RE pushing for the same kind of changes on the 500. Also, the 350 sells more than the 500 so updating that first for the OEM makes sense.
  • Cheap now – With BS6 approaching fast we must say that dealers want to unload the BS4 stock into the market quickly. So before the deadline in April we can see some heavy discounts on the Classic 350 and the Thunderbird 500X. There will be some stellar deals, so look out for them now. Also if RE does decide to update the engine to BS6 standards it will make your pocket a lot lighter than now.

Lastly, prices of Royal Enfield’s 500 cc range begin at Rs 1.83 lakh (ex-showroom), for the Bullet 500 and go up to Rs 2.15 lakh (ex-showroom) for the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X. We should add, compared to that pricing the new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, with a parallel-twin engine, which is significantly more refined and powerful is currently priced at Rs 2.56 lakh (ex-showroom) and are so competitively priced. But then again, the choice is yours. The 500’s do look like they are – ‘made like a gun’.


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