The BMW Concept Stunt G 310 has been unveiled by BMW Motorrad in a motorcycle show in São Paulo. This modified stunt machine, is an indication of the first product from the  BMW-TVS partnership, codenamed – K03.

According to BMW, the front view of the bike has been modelled with expressive surfaces and was designed to result in a broad shoulder section. The side of the bike is characterized by the “powerful three-dimensional design of its surfaces.” With an interplay of contours, BMW aimed to create a sense of motion and speed even when the bike is parked.



The silhouette of the bike is arrived at by the low-slung front and the raised tail section. The intake area has been shifted towards the front while the exhaust system has been moved closer to the rear, helping place the rear silencer in an standing position underneath the seat. This has opened up the rider’s freedom of movement. Nevertheless, BMW says the sound of the bike will get attention, though one cannot see the exhaust clearly.


The BMW Concept Stunt G 310 is powered by a new single cylinder engine “which is inclined towards the rear and the cylinder head which is rotated by 180 degrees.” This has allowed the engine to be placed optimally and a shorter wheelbase was possible, helping make the bike as agile as it can be.

BMW-TVS may utilize the K03 platform to offer various bikes including an adventure bike, a streetbike and also a dual sport.


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