Hero Splendor 2020 will be coming in soon. This brand is synonymous with affordability.  This is the company’s bread-and-butter motorcycle range and we will a major influence of them even when BS6 comes in. The company has been testing all its BS6 engines and soon we will see them in function as well. Hero Splendor is available in multiple avatars. To begin with, there is the Splendor with an option of the regular version, there is the Classic, a Super Splendor and even iSmart.

The update in the engine will mean, fuel injection for the entire range. To clear BS6 norms, all engines will need fuel-injection. This will result in an increase in its price. The Hero Splendor has been the lifetime of Indian motoring, and previously it was the CD-100. Hero MotoCorp will make changes to the engine. There might not be any changes in the power and torque. This will continue to have the same range of engines with four-speed transmission. The iSmart feature should be integrated on limited variants, else the price will shoot up.

The strongest point for the Hero Splendor family is the reliability and the mileage that it offers. Bajaj has the Platina that has been catching up, but the Splendor is a brand that has a reputation. Hero Splendor Classic was an interesting product that was seen as something different. This did get a lot of attention from the younger audience, who were operating on a tight budget.

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Hero MotoCorp will be looking at adding multiple options for younger audience, without any compromise on its current audience. Hero MotoCorp will continue with its ongoing work on new products. The recent success for the company has been the new 200cc options of the cPulse range. The other bit that the company is working on are bigger displacement engines. In previous Auto Expos, Hero has showcased its 250cc and 300cc motorcycles too.


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