Bajaj Pulsar 2020 range will be coming soon. This will be the company’s latest offering in the market. The company is looking at offering this new versions of the Pulsar in the early days of 2020. It is by April 2020 that the new BS6 norms will be implemented. This will mean that the Pulsar 2020 has to come in before that.
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At the moment, Bajaj is offering the Pulsar with a 125cc, 150cc, 180cc, 200cc and even 220cc engine displacements. This will mean that all these engines will have to get fuel-injection (which don’t have) and be ready for BS6 emissions as well. Bajaj has been gearing up for its launch. The TVS Apache already has got its range of options ready for the Apache. Bajaj’s bread-and-butter Pulsar has been the 150cc variant. The recently launched Pulsar 125 has been adding more numbers as it is the new entry-level motorcycle for those who aspire to owe the brand. Bajaj and other 2W manufacturers are gradually clearing up the stock of the Pulsar and gearing up to launch the new range of bikes in the coming days.

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Those who are excited for the new Bajaj Chetak, it will be launched in January 2020. Even the new motorcycle from KTM – the 390 Adventure should be launched around the same time. Bajaj will even upgrade the Discover, PLatina and the CT100 range to meet the BS6 emissions very soon.

Bajaj Pulsar 2020 Price

Will there be a change in the pricing? Yes. We can expect a 1-5% increase in the price, as the new emission norms needs new filters.
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The Bajaj Pulsar higher range will see a lesser percentage increase comparatively. We will have to hold on till the new prices are announced for this updated motorcycle. January or February 2020 is when we are expecting this hike in price to happen on the Bajaj Pulsar.
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Change in Performance and Mileage

We aren’t certain if there will be any change in its performance. However, we do expect a dip in its power and torque. This will be done to keep the mileage quotient intact. Still, we can’t comment on how much will there be a change in the mileage of the Pulsar. Performance we doubt will be noticeable unless a stop watch is used to time it.


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