Skoda is leading the Volkswagen India 2.0 strategy in hopes of turning around the game for the German Group. A portfolio full of India specific hatchbacks and SUVs is being planned. That said, SUVs are going to be a very important part of the brands resurgence. Volkswagen and Skoda desperately need a India specific SUV that is cheap, made for our market.

So what’s has Skoda planned? The Skoda Vision In it is. Well this is not a production car or name. It is the concept for the India based Kamiq. Skoda has released the sketches for the car that will be based on the India specific MQB AO IN platform.

Skoda Kamiq side

We will expect a lot of design cues based off the Kamiq to be seen on the India specific Vision In when it is shown in its concept form at the 2020 Auto Expo. The car will be launched in it’s production form only in 2021. This car will ba a compact SUV and will be targeted at budget buyers or first time buyers. A cheap SUV is what VW  and tGroup needs and Skoda will deliver this goal with the Vision In. This will also serve as a platform for the T-Cross for Volkswagen India.

Skoda Vision In MQB AO IN

Now let’s talk about the interior sketch released by Skoda. The picture above paints an image of an interior that will aim to be the best in its class. Skodas have pleasant, upmarket and technologically rich rich interiors and features, this we can expect a lot cool stuff packeged in this.

We will come to know more about this car and it’s future at the Auto Expo. So stay tuned for that. We can expect the fight for a compact SUV to get more fierce in the already very crowded segment when Skoda gets this concept to production.

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