The Maruti Futuro-E is a vehicle which will be the company’s first electric SUV. For now, the company has settled on this name for the concept that has to be showcased at the Auto Expo 2020. The main purpose of this vehicle will be to get into the market of electric vehicles by the time the infrastructure is ready for electric vehicles.

Maruti Futuro-E

Maruti Futuro-E Launch

As of now, we have no official launch date on this vehicle. What we can expect is that the vehicle will be showcased on a star case podium at the Maruti podium at Auto Expo 2020. This vehicle won’t surely be the electric version of the Maruti S-Presso. At the unveiling of this vehicle at the Auto Expo 2020, we might get a clearer picture of what exactly this vehicle will be. 

Maruti Futuro-E Price

The price of the Futuro-E will be somewhere from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 15 lakhs. We will get a clearer picture of the price once other manufacturers like Tata unveil the Nexon Electric. Even Mahindra is planning to launch the electric vehicle of the KUV 100 and the XUV 300. These vehicles will set the pricing range for the electric vehicle in India. 

Maruti Futuro-E Powertrain

The company has given no confirmation on what exactly they are going to use on the vehicle. Taking a look at the existing electric powertrains we expect this vehicle to feature s 72 V system with a 25 kWh battery pack providing us with a range of around 130 km. The range of the vehicle will be a concerning thing for an electric vehicle buyer. 

Maruti Futuro-E Exterior

We have seen the Wagon R while being testing on the Indian road. Now there is a new that the vehicle will make use of the same heartech platform as the new Wagon R. This platform is much more strong and agile. There is a use of higher tensile steel which makes it is stronger than any other Maruti platform. From the exterior, there will be a nice bold styling the car might have cladding along the base which will give it the rough look. From the front, it might make use of bold SUV elements like the grille on the S-Presso but the size of this vehicle might do justice to the design. We expect this vehicle to be a mix of the Maruti Wagon R and the Maruti S-presso. The weight of the vehicle will have some effect on the range of the vehicle. 

Maruti Futuro-E Interior

Keeping in mind the interiors of the Maruti S-Presso, this vehicle will also have trendy interiors. They might get more features like automatic climate and digital infotainment systems. The interior will get fabric seats where the driver seat might get electrical adjustability. The vehicle will feature a typical Maruti steering wheel with controls for the infotainment mounted in them. The drive mode selector will be placed on the centre console. The rear seat of the vehicle might not have many more features. It might get rear AC vents and a 12-volt charging socket below it.

Maruti Futuro-E Features

This being an electric vehicle will focus on digital display units. The driver display unit will contain a lot of information from the various monitoring system on the vehicle. The vehicle will get passive entry, as well as the vehicle, will have a keyless start and stop. Being an electric vehicle the battery management system will get modes which might be 3 basic modes 

  • Eco
  • City
  • Sport

The other features of the vehicle will include regenerative braking which might be picked up from the smart hybrid technology that Maruti has been using on their micro-hybrid vehicle.

Maruti Futuro-E Safety

The safety features of this vehicle will be like any other Maruti vehicle. The vehicle will get 2 airbags as standard. The ABS will be linked with an electronic distribution system. This will also have additional safety features on the higher variants.

Maruti Futuro-E Competition

The competition of this vehicle will be the Tata Nexon EV and the XUV 300 electric. Overall if we compare electrics in the market this whole segment is new and the buyers of this segment will have this electric vehicle as their secondary vehicle. This means that the competition all comes down to the budget of the buyer and the features on offer.

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