India is known for the biggest two-wheeler market in the world and subsequently, it has the highest rate of road accidents involving two-wheelers. While riding a motorbike, the most important safety equipment is a helmet. In India it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a two-wheeler; however, there are people who still do not wear a helmet. Not only for the rider, but a helmet is also essential for pillion riders as well. Moreover, it is a pre-requisite at the time of claiming your motorcycle insurance policy as well.

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And if you are here to find out the best type of helmet for you then probably you do not need more convincing to wear a helmet for noggin protection. So we will quickly take you through the basics of finding the perfect kind of helmet. Check-out these simple tips that will help you in picking the right helmet that is stylish and sturdy as well.

What should be the Size and Shape of Your Motorcycle Helmet?

If a helmet is too big then it will fall off in case of a collision or an accident and won’t solve the purpose of protecting your head such risks. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be considered is the helmet size as per the shape and size of your head

Check if your head is elongated from your forehead to the back of the skull, or it is elongated from ear to ear or vice versa. You can easily check which shape fits your head best if you buy it from a brick-n-mortar store. Once you find the right shape, the next is to find the right helmet size.

You can easily measure the size of your head with a measuring tape – from the portion just above your ears to above the eyebrows, basically the fuller part of your head. Now find check the helmet size and try to match it with your head size. And there you go! Another thing that you need to know is that every manufacturer has their own specific size to their helmet models. So the helmet size may vary from one manufacturer to another.

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What should be the Weight of Your Motorcycle Helmet?

The ideal weight of a helmet is considered to be anywhere between 1200 and 1350 g. A lot of people end you buying a heavy helmet that is too heavy. But a heavy helmet doesn’t ensure safety, instead, it will only cause strain on your head and neck muscles. So, buy a heavy helmet if only you are ready to drive with discomfort. Basically, a good helmet should give a good snug to your head instead of making it feel too tight.


How Tight Should Your Motorcycle Helmet Be?

So, when you wear your helmet make sure that your head doesn’t slide easily into the helmet in one go. It has to slightly tight without causing you pain. The inner padding of your helmet should be evenly pressing onto the maximum surface area of your head and cheeks. Having said that, the helmet should stay fit instead of moving freely.

To check the same you can rock your head vertically or even side-to-side. And if it moves too much then you can look for denser padding or a size smaller than that. Eventually, the padding will slightly loosen-up and will adjust to the shape of your head.

Another important thing is to buy a helmet that comes with removable inner padding. You can easily wash it. Moreover, you can look for one that is germ resistant. If you want you can also buy a helmet that comes with a breath guard and a chin curtain. It will reduce the amount of dust and wind, which is one of the major drawbacks driving a bike on the Indian roads. The chin curtain, on the other hand, will reduce the fogging, a perfect add-on for winters.

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How Much Should You Spend On A Motorcycle Helmet?

When purchasing a helmet do not just look for a cheaper option. Your safety is an utmost priority. You can look for a helmet that meets the guidelines of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). In addition to this, you can buy helmets that meet the guidelines laid down by ECE, and DOT. Is buying helmet enough? No, this is one step towards your safety. For added safety, you need to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy as well. To enhance your protection a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy is recommended.

Also, it is suggested to look for a lighter shade that makes you more visible on the road. A light shade helmet will ensure that the temperature inside remains cool even on a hot, sunny day. And the same applies when buying it for a pillion rider. Your responsibility doesn’t end with just buying a helmet. The cost of maintaining your bike and your two-wheeler insurance policy also requires thought behind getting one.

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So, when you are purchasing a helmet next time, you know you do not just have to fall for a visual appearance. Because merely buying an economical helmet won’t solve the purpose. You can follow the above guide to ensure that you are not choosing a poorly made helmet. Just make sure that you are not compromising on any of the above-mentioned aspects and you are good to go.


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