The Renault Triber 2020 model will be seen later in the year. The vehicle which has been launched this year has been Renault’s comeback in the market. The company has been looking forward to getting the same amount of success with the Renault Triber as they did with the Kwid. The vehicle is a 7 seater, whose length has been kept under 4 meters to lower its prices. The price at which it is offered makes it clear that the vehicle is the go-to 7 seater when on a budget. 

With this car, Renault Indian is trying to reach the rural parts of India where there is a necessity for a 7 seater at a low price. What is appreciable though is that despite the vehicle being built on such a tight constraint does not miss out on any feature. It also gets some of the fancy tits bits too.

Renault Triber launch

2020 Renault Triber Launch

Talking about the launch, we feel that the launch of this vehicle might be somewhere around June 2020. The vehicle is still fresh in the market. So launching a model year update soon make no sense for the company. Already the company is offering a lot of discount on the price and this means that the profit margins are kept low for now. One thing that we can be sure about is that with the launch of the new year model is that there won’t be many changes in the interior and exterior. For now, there is no official Renault Triber launch date

Renault Triber
LaunchJune 2020

2020 Renault Triber Prices 

When the product was launched in this year, the main selling point of the vehicle was the price at which it was offered. Offering a 7 seater which is priced at Rs 4.95 (ex-showroom) is incredible. This means that the lowest variant of the Renault Triber on road is priced below Rs 5.5 lakhs. In 2020 the manufacturers, Renault might increase the prices of the vehicle to break even the lack of profit which was done to attract customers. There is a high chance that the price might peak to Rs 5 lakhs for the lowest variant. There another aspect to the pricing of this vehicle. The vehicle is value for money. The biggest competitor to this vehicle is the Datsun Go+. 

Renault Triber
Price Rs 5.5 lakhs

2020 Renault Triber Engine

The news about the new BS6 engine on this vehicle is finally out. The vehicle will get a 1.0 litre turbo petrol engine. This engine will be the engine that will carry the code HR10. It will be a three-cylinder version of the four-pot 1.3 litre turbo petrol engine. This engine will be used throughout the Renault and Nissan products in 2020. The official power figures on this vehicle have not been released yet. We expect the vehicle to make around 95bhp. This engine will be quite advance as it will get dual variable valve timings. The vehicle will also have an exhaust manifold partial integrated into the cylinder head.

This car gets a BS4 compliant 3-cylinder 1.0-liter engine. This engine is called the Energy engine. It is a new engine in India but has been doing duty on the Clio in the international market. This a reliable engine and so has been brought to this car. For now, there is no discussion on the BS6 engine. Renault has said that it will discontinue diesel engines once BS6 comes in. For now, this car has a manual gearbox. This will be soon joined with an AMT gearbox. A 1.0-litre petrol motor producing 72 bhp/96Nm with a 5-speed manual transmission. Along with, this a mileage of 20 km/l. 

Renault Triber Engine

In 2020 the biggest challenge for the manufacturer will be the introduction of BS6 norms. The discontinuation of the diesel engine is inevitable. They simply can’t produce a new diesel engine which is BS6 compliant and keep the prices low. As far as the petrol engine is considered, there will be a new petrol engine. This engine will increase the base prices too. Basically we can expect some toll of the BS6 norms on the pricing of the vehicle. This is not a big deal for the manufacturer as all manufacturers will increase prices but as a customer we will see some of its wrath. The BS6 emission norms are only beneficial to the environment.

2020 Renault Triber Interior

The interiors of the vehicle will remain the same for the 2020 year model. There might be an optional dualtone option on the top most variant. The vehicle already gets fancy bits like 2 cooled glove boxes. What it can use are steering mounted controls. Another thing that is sometimes bothersome is the AC controls. The placement of the control of the AC on the floor centre control makes it a bit inconvenient for the driver. The instrument cluster looks futuristic but the problem with it is that there is no marking for the tachometer. 

Renault triber tribe mode 2

The interior of the Renault Triber is compact. The noticeable thing in the second row are the seats. For instance, the recline angle of the seat is good. The sees are not that good but the side support is good. The rear gets AC vents on the side and this saves space in the center. The instrument cluster of this car is a mix of digital and analog. In other words, the instrument cluster is attractive and easy to understand.

2020 Renault Triber Exterior

The exterior of the Renault Triber seems inspired by the typical Renault fashion. Along with that, the grill seems similar to the KWID. this resemblance is very intimidating when you see the car in your rearview mirror. This car is a 7 seater, and the looks of the car are very compact.  The 2019 Triber gets roof rails that seems functional and can carry a load of 50 Kgs. Therefore there can be some use of it in the future. All these features will be seen on the new 2020 Renault Triber.

2020 Renault Triber Dimensions

As far as dimensions are concerned, the sub-four meter 7 seater Renault Triber will have a length of 3990mm, a width of 1739mm, a height of 1,643mm (without roof rails) and a wheelbase of 2636mm. The car comes with a ground clearance of 182mm (unladen), while the vehicle’s kerb weight is 947kg. The modified CMF-A+ platform has been designed to offer best-in-segment roominess and flexibility. It gets a shoulder room of 1356mm in the first row and 1330mm in the second row. The last row of seats will have a shoulder room of 1216mm in the third row.

Dimensions of triber

These dimensions of the car will not change until a Renault Triber facelift comes in. The Sub 4 meter form factor of the vehicle makes it an excellent proposition while driving.

2020 Renault Triber Colours 

There will be a few new colours that will be available as the year colour. This colour might also be a limited period offering. The Triber is available in five color options

  • Ice Cool White
  • Moonlight Silver
  • Electric Blue
  • Fiery Red
  • Orange

announces bookings open for

2020 Renault Triber Safety

As of now, Renault Triber hasn’t been through the crash test norms, however, it gets up to 4 airbags, speed-sensing door lock, remote central locking, seat belts with reminder & pretensioner, ABS with EBD, speed alert warning, rear parking sensors, etc for the safety.

2020 Renault Triber Competition

The vehicle head-on competes with the Datsun Go+. If compared with the other 7 seaters the vehicle is left far behind. It only wins for the price it is offered at. The other 7 seaters look far more expensive to a person who just wants 7 seats to transport people from Point A to Point B. The Competition of the Renault Triber is also with the Maruti Ertiga and Innova but that’s only if you are looking at this vehicle purely from the point of view of a 7 seater. There is a visible compromise on safety and luxury.

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