New compact home charger by Ather energy especially for the Ather 450 for their customers in Chennai and Bengaluru. The new Ather Dot is a charger that weighs only 3.5 kg. It comes along with a 2-metre long output cable and a 1.2-metre long input cable. It delivers 60V, 12 A DC supply. This is capable of offering a fast charge of 80% in 4 hrs and 30 minutes. The 0 to 100% takes 5 hrs and 15 mins. Ather has analyzed its users charging patterns and has found out that most of the users will charge during the night or during their work hours. This charger will increase the charging time but will provide mobility. The company also offers fast charging all over the city at the same time.

ather dot charging specs

Ather Energy Plans

The company has provided customers with plans which cover different aspects of charging and maintaining their scooter. The Ather Dot can be installed by the company for Rs 1800. The installation is an easy process and can be done by a local electrician by reading the manual.

PlanAther ChargeAther ServiceAther ConnectAther One Plan
Connected ServiceAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Vehicle ServiceAvailableAvailable
Home ChargingAvailable
Over-the-air updatesAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Public ChargingAvailableAvailable
Price/year (excluding GST)INR 6,000INR 6,000INR 3,000INR 8,400

The Ather Dot charging point can be shipped to the customers directly. It can be shipped directly along with the bike itself.  While the unit will be delivered to all Chennai customers along with scooter, in Bengaluru, all the customers taking delivery after October 2019 will get the Ather 450 with the new charging points.

Ather 450

There are many cool features in this scooter. The Ather 450 do a sprint from 0-40km/hr in 3.9secs. The scooter gets a low center of gravity with the floor-mounted lithium-ion battery pack. This creates a 50:50 weight distribution that helps in the overall handling of the bike. There is a progressive mono-shock suspension for a softer response on bumps and comfort on bad roads. The power pack has a high capacity for range, high power output for quick acceleration and speed, a long life, and fast-charging. Ather struggled to find one pack that has all of these, so they built on.

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