The new generation 2020 Maruti Gypsy? The iconic Suzuki off-roader has sold in India is going to make a comeback. The Jimny was sold in India as the Gypsy but this fun SUV had got old and does not meet new safety norms. The new generation vehicle has been on sale internationally for sometime now and this time around.  This actually is the new Suzuki Jimny. The Jimmy was sold as the Gypsy in India and we expect Maruti to continue calling the car Gypsy. The new Suzuki Jimny has nothing in common with the old model. The SUV is built on a new platform altogether. It is based on the X-Lander concept vehicle.

The Jimmy is now in its fourth generation.

maruti Gypsy

The upcoming 2020 Maruti Gypsy has triggered a lot of excitement. The Gypsy has been a favorite amongst many enthusiasts. The new-gen Gypsy will be made in India and also will be exported to other markets too. This new vehicle is now, lighter, stronger, more fuel-efficient and also better in terms of safety. It will also use high tensile steel in its manufacture, which makes it stronger yet keeps it light.

The 2020 Maruti Gypsy sold in India had a different design as compared to the new model. Maruti will try to revive the adventure spirit by bringing back the Gypsy. What all will the Gypsy 2020 offer? Will it regain its lost glory? Read further to know more about the 2020 Maruti Gypsy 

2020 Maruti Gypsy Launch Date

The launch of the 2nd generation Gypsy which was being speculated since a long time has now come to a cold end. Maruti Suzuki’s Senior Executive Director (Engineering) C V Raman has declared that Maruti will not be bringing in the Gypsy to India any time soon.  He also indicated that the fourth-gen Jimny won’t be coming to India. The market for 3 door cars in India is a niche. There is a need for a five-door version of the Gypsy. Developing a 5 door will require both Development Cost and time. That is the reason the 2nd generation Gypsy project has been called off.

“The three-door is a very niche segment in India. What is required for India is a five-door model. That means we have to do a new development, which would require time and cost. The possible volume against the required investment does not make sense for us.” he quoted.

This 2nd generation of the Maruti Gypsy is expected to launch around mid-2020. The Gypsy will not be sold from the Nexa Experience showrooms, but the regular Maruti showrooms. It will be manufactured in India and also exported. The launch of this car is the most awaited one as this is one product that has a fan following in the Indian market. With the new and upcoming Thar from Mahindra, Maruti has to work fast and launch this vehicle soon. The details of the launch are not revealed by the company. The Maruti Gypsy was a powerfull 4×4 even in its first generations. The details of the engine on this vehicle have not been revealed but we have a faint idea about what engine could be used on this vehicle.

2020 Maruti Gypsy
Launch DateMid 2020

2020 Maruti Gypsy

2020 Maruti Gypsy Price in India

The price of this vehicle is difficult to predict. This vehicle will receive massive changes over the previous generations. The new safety norms, BS6 engine and other changes will all add to the cost of the vehicle. Maruti officially discontinued the Gypsy in March 2019. The approximate price of the Maruti Gypsy will be from Rs. 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs. The variants on this car will be LXI, VXI and ZXI as the car will be only available with a petrol engine.

2020 Maruti Gypsy Interiors

The interiors will be all new and a departure from the earlier Gypsy. This vehicle might also get keyless entry, push start and stop, touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. There will be maps and even reverse camera. The new SUV will come with dual airbags and ABS as a standard feature. Maruti will try to make it conducive for every usage, apart from off-roading. This will set it apart from the Mahindra Thar. The new Gypsy will come as a four-seater this time it seems.

2020 Maruti Gypsy interior

There will even be a two-seater version, but that version will only be exported. It is a bit too early to state what will be offered on it. In terms of styling, there shall be a lot of space and features on offer. Maruti has been offering feature-rich vehicles and the Gypsy will be no exception. In fact, with more features and stylish interiors, Maruti will attract more Thar buyers towards it.

2020 Maruti Gypsy Specification

The new Gypsy is expected to come with a 1.2-litre petrol engine for India. There are even reports stating that the new Gypsy will come with a 1.5-litre petrol engine that will be powering the updated Ciaz. While in other markets it will be made available with a 658cc engine, which is turbocharged. Now, the point is there will be an AWD on offer on the Gypsy. At the same time, the new Gypsy will have a five-speed manual transmission. As the body will be lighter, it will have better performance. At the same time, good driving dynamics too. The fuel efficiency will also see a jump.

Maruti Gypsy 2018 1 (Jimny)

For the Indian market, it will have the 1.2-litre K-Series petrol engine. This mill will churn about 84bhp of power and close to 115Nm of maximum torque. This will be offered with a five-speed manual and an all-wheel drive. There will be low-ratio too, and this will be a highly capable off-roader, just like its predecessor. A 2WD model with an AMT gearbox could also be considered.

2020 Maruti Gypsy Design

The new Maruti Gypsy looks aggressive in its styling. The X-Lander concept was bigger and a lot more muscular, though. The front grille has vertical slats and the headlamps are well-chiseled. The bumpers are fresh and new this time and not the metal ones like old times. It will retain the design language but the production version will have a lot of changes. The X-Lander Concept was showcased was a two-door just like the Jimny or the Gypsy. The glass on the doors won’t make it into production. It more from the point of view of a concert attraction. The tail lamps somewhat seem to be inspired from the Range Rover. The haunches will be pronounced as the concept showcases.


A new platform will underpin the 2019 Gypsy. The earlier Gypsy was built on a ladder frame chassis, but this new one will be a monocoque. This will make the new SUV lighter, powerful, dynamic and more efficient. The new Gypsy will have a hardtop and may also come with a soft-top option. The new Gypsy will have attractive styling making it an exciting product for the Indian car market. This will be a compact SUV and will be a good option for off-road enthusiasts. In fact, the styling is bound to attract a lot of regular buyers too, who would others be looking at a compact SUV.

2020 Maruti Gypsy Competition

The Gypsy will compete mainly with the Mahindra Thar which is also coming in a new generation avatar. As this will primarily target off-road enthusiasts. Currently, the Mahindra Thar is the hot favorite amongst enthusiasts and the Gypsy could further increase this segment and attract a lot of buyers towards it. Another competitor is the Force Gurkha, which is a very capable off-roader, however, it doesn’t sell volumes as of now.

2020 Maruti Gypsy Ratings

  • Design
  • Interior
  • Driving Dynamics
  • Mileage
  • Wow Factor
  • Value For Money
  • Total - 3.2

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