I’m always humbled by technology nowadays as it makes apes like me look and feel like a wizard when performing mundane tasks. There is a solution to everything. The other day I took on the task of setting up my YouTube account on my smart TV but with the thought of all the login IDs, and various verification passwords that would be required, I almost gave up. In the end it was really simple – I had to write the code displayed on my TV screen on my phone and the whole thing was set up. Witchcraft! It has been wonderful ever since with the whole thing in sync, my videos are where I have left them, and something, if I have liked on my phone, is ready to be viewed when I get back home.

With the HP Fastlane app, it’s the same thing. When presented with this app and sticker, I thought – okay wait, it this for real? But once you know the features it’s so relaxing and hassle-free. Let me walk you through it. You get up in the morning, get ready and are all set to head out. You turn on your car and see that the fuel indicator is a bit low. Now you think – Should I go to the pump now? I’ll have to wait around? I don’t have the exact change or  I really don’t want to use my credit card now. What to do? The HP Fastlane comes in here.

HPCL-Fastlane App details

How does it work?

  • Download the HP Fastlane app and register yourself
  • Get the RFID sticker to from the nearest HP fuel pump and stick it on your windscreen.
  • Add your vehicles and tag them with the particular sticker
  • Add money from your card to the Fastlane wallet.

You are now set to go.

HPCL-Fastlane App Sticker

How is the HP Fastlane experience?

Here is a simple way of how this works –

  • Select your vehicle and add how much fuel do you want. e.g. – Rs 500, Rs 1000 etc
  • You drive to the nearest HP pump of your choice
  • Drive into the Fastlane pump, no queuing or waiting.
  • Let the attendant know – Petrol or Diesel
  • The attendant will scan the sticker
  • That information from the sticker will then be passed on to the fuel nozzle
  • The pump meter will set itself to zero automatically and start pumping.
  • After fueling is done, the amount is deducted from the wallet automatically and the e-receipt and cashback are credited immediately via SMS.

You are done with this process in no time, with minimum interaction, effort and worry of handing over money or punching a code in a machine or swiping a card. Your time spent in the petrol pump is reduced and the hassle of maintaining bills and change is also resolved with the E-Receipt. We recently had the opportunity to use this app and we really found it useful, simple and stress-free when it comes to doing a chore like – filling fuel.

We have even made a video for you to understand the HP process better. Do check it out too.


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