Long drives during rains are something that we all enjoy. The beauty of nature without getting wet due to the rains. In addition to this car are machines that take us to our workplace dry even when it is raining cat and dogs. But for them to do all this they need to function properly. Therefore here are some tips to drive a car in rains. These tip will make your driving much safer and you will feel confident too

1. Wait till the weather improves

The first tip to drive in rain would be not to drive if you don’t feel confident enough. One can always wait till rain reduces or stops. When it rains the traction or road falls. This results in slipping and sliding of tires. Risking your life while driving in the rain is not worth. If you have time and can wait then take that option. If it is raining too heavily the don’t force keep driving in bad weather.

2. Get your car checked

It is a very important tip of all tips to get the car checked if not serviced. A car in bad condition will tend to breakdown and cause a small problem. Theses small probles seem very big in the rains. Getting a mechanic at that time will be a task. This might cause a bigger loss. Get the car checked doesn’t cost a lot of money and is a good practice. Getting the car checked also includes making proper changes accordingly. 

rain tyres

Wheels are something that makes contact with the road. So make sure that the wheels of a car are proper and not worn out. Although a car has 4 wheels if they cant provide enough traction then accidents won’t be far away. Along with this even check the brakes and ABS systems. Electronics tend to malfunction if water enters them.

3. Drive Slower

While driving in rain always keep this tip in mind. DRIVE SLOWER. Driving slower will give you more time to brake in case of an emergency. Driving slower will also give the wheels more tractions. Therefore it is advisable to drive 10 to 20 kmph slower than usual speed while driving during rains. During rains visibility also reduces so keep that in mind and drive accordingly. Do not drive on the basis of assumptions.

4. Turn on headlights

In rains, this simple tip will make life easier for you as well as others. Most of the modern cars get DRL. These may not suffice during heavy rains. Therefore always make sure that you turn on headlight or at least the fog lamps when it starts raining. This will help the car in the rear to know your position as well as it will improve your visibility. 

Hyundai Kona headlights

5. Use your windshield wipers

Most of us don’t use the wiper when it is raining very mildly. On the contrary, it is expected to use wipers the moment it starts raining. Adding soap in the washer fluid is also seen by some users. This is a bit of risk during rains. Plus there are adjustments for the wipers to adjust their speed to clear mist or light rain. This tip might seem insignificant but proves to be very useful at times.


6. Maintain a safe distance

While driving in rain a safe distance from the car in front will provide us with more reaction time. Therefore this will result in a safer drive. Stopping your vehicle will be more difficult when driving in the rain. Maintain a distance of several car lengths between your car and other vehicles. This is one of those tips that relates to better safe than sorry.

7. Avoid heavy braking

While driving in rain make sure that you don’t have a heavy foot on the break. Although most of the modern cars feature an ABS system that too has a limit. To add to all this it is an electronic aided feature. It might fail due to water at any time. Instead, use engine braking and gradually use the brake as an assist to it. Also, make sure that you ease off on the accelerating foot. In addition to that using cruise, control is not advisable. So that your attention to driving remains in tune.

8. Avoid water patched and potholes.

Driving through standing water can cause hydroplaning to occur. Which is when you lose traction and skid across the surface of the road. To avoid hydroplaning, drive around places where water has collected by changing lanes or safely steering around such areas. To add to this we cant anticipate the depth of a pothole. Driving through them will be a problem and might damage the car if it is too deep. 

9. Avoid waterlogged areas

It always advisable to everyone to avoid areas where there is water logging. If the water level is too high do not risk your car by driving through it. The car might go through it fine but will cause problems in functioning later. The electronic components might get damaged. This might lead to a huge repair in the later time. keep this in mind of all tips and no major harm will come your way.

Isuzu V-Cross in water

10. Ventilate Your Car

Rain causes humidity levels to increase. You may find that your vehicle’s windows become foggy when you operate your vehicle while it is raining. Most cars’ ventilation systems include a function that will work to reduce this type of fog that develops on the interior of your windows and windshield. It may be necessary to pull over if you are no longer able to see through your windows. One of the tips that improve the way you see things.


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