Activa has been synonymous with scooters in India. It is the first thing that comes to our mind when the word scooter is said. Honda has been selling the Honda Activa from 1999. As the bike picked up sales after the sale of its two-stroke rivals was banned in India. Since then it has been selling like crazy in the Indian Market. This Non geared two-wheeler is easy to ride and give a great economy. 

Limited Edition Honda Activa 5G_ Strontium Silver Metallic with Pearl Igneous Black

Scroll Down to find out our 5 reasons why we think the Honda Activa sells so well…

Engine Reliability

The Activa’s 109.2 cc engine is very reliable and offers a smooth ride at 60km/hr without any issues. This is because Honda has been perfecting this engine over generations and currently has made it so smooth and silent that it doesn’t even make much sound while starting up. The engine is durable like any other part on the scooter and can go under a lot of stress before it breaks down. Along with that proper ventilation is also provided to the engine so that it cools down. Therefore the engine also never overheats. Along with this, there is also a 125cc engine that is offered on this scooter which is more powerful and can sustain higher speeds. The Non-geared nature of the scooter makes it easy to drive in traffic too.

Service Convenience

The servicing of a Honda Activa is very easy. This gets a Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover that allows easy access to the engine. In addition to that, the engine only requires a regular oil change and belt checkup. This works upon a belt drive system that is connected to a differential. This all may sound complex but is easy to fix. Even a roadside garage mechanic can also fix it although this is not recommended. To solve this problem Honda has a widespread network of dealers and service centres all across the country. The service cost of the vehicle is also reasonable and most of the people who afford the bike can also maintain it by just a regular oil change. On top of all this, there is a service indicator on the all-new generation of active which tells us when service is due.


Incredible Mileage

The Activa-i and 5G have a company claimed mileage figure of 60 km/l while Activa 125’s certified mileage is 59km/l. This has been a major selling point of the vehicle. No matter however u drive the Activa the Differential mechanism will always provide an optimum gear ratio so as to give maximum mileage. This results in a good fuel economy and hence cuts down the fuel budget. To add to this also allows a hassle-free ride as it is non-geared 2 wheeler. On top of all this, the Activa is light thereby giving an advantage in the power to weight ratio.

Hero Maestro Edge vs TVS Jupiter vs Honda Activa 3G_21

Solid Build Quality

The build quality of an Activa is considered to be the best in the scooter segment. It is offered with a full metal body. This allows the vehicle to be tough under the rough condition and lasts long. Weather conditions like heavy rains do not affect the vehicles basic function. Although electronics might get affected a bit if it is pushed too far beyond its comfort zone still it will function as a scooter. The best example of this is the monsoon Rally that has a large number of Honda Activa which are pushed to their limit where they are ridden through slush and rain.

Honda Activa 5G side panel

Storage space

A Honda Activa has a lot of storage. It can accommodate a helmet in its boot along with another small item at the same time. In addition to that while riding the vehicle when the helmet is not in the boot, it gives 18 liters of boot space which can be used sufficiently well. The Activa has found its new set of customers as a lot of delivery executives make use of this vehicle boot space. This is combined with a hook at the footboard area where one can hang bags as well. The Activa also get ingenious additions like a rain cover which is aftermarket and can be purchased on Amazon.

Honda Activa 3G storage_13 


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