This is one comparison that everyone is waiting for. The Venue is the latest offering from the South Korean automaker and Creta is its best-selling SUV. Both the SUVs have an overlap in its pricing. This is one of the key reasons why there is a lot of confusion amongst buyers, which to pick. We will not go about beating the bush, we will break our content into very short details:

Covering which to buy? And why? Which fuel and what transmission is good for you? We share all the details. The Venue is an exciting product for the Indian car market, and the Creta has been a major hit. As both are offered by Hyundai, so there is no worry of service. Lets – break down our content and explain it you step-by-step. If you like our attempt, do comment your thoughts and even share it with your buddies on Facebook.

Hyundai Venue vs Hyundai Creta Variant Comparison

2018 Hyundai Creta Front

At the moment, it is the SX and SX(O) variants of the Venue overlap in pricing with the E Plus and EX of the petrol or the diesel. So, these are the variants that have similar pricing. These are top variants of the Venue and lower variants of the Creta. So, there shall be a difference in a few things.

Hyundai Venue 2019 front

Hyundai Venue vs Hyundai Creta Features


As the Venue top end will offer a lot more features than the Creta base, those looking for features will not have an issue deciding for it. Bluelink, touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, leatherette, 60:40 rear seat split, push start stop, automatic headlamps, sunroof are all extra.

Hyundai Venue interior

Hyundai Venue vs Hyundai Creta Space

What you will get in the Venue extra are the features and Creta has lesser features in this price but more space for rear seat and bigger boot. So, if you are in for more space at the rear, it is the Creta for you and for more features its the Venue for you. Can three people sit on the backseat of the Venue? initially we thought it isn’t possible. Later we tried and it did work out. At the moment, what Creta offers is a bigger boot space.

2018 Hyundai Creta Touchscreen & Infotainment System

Petrol or diesel?

If you are looking at a diesel, both the Creta 1.4 and Venue 1.4 have the same engines. The Venue feels peppier than the Creta. Whereas the 1.0-litre turbo petrol and 1.6-litre petrol comparison on paper is a similar result. Both offer the same power, but the 1.0-litre turbo petrol has been mileage over the 1.6-litre. This adds to the advantage of the product. In terms of mileage, Creta petrol manual will return 10-11 km/l, while the Venue shall return 11-13km/l. So, the petrol is more efficient.

Hyundai Venue 2019 sunroof

Hyundai Venue vs Hyundai Creta Result

If you are on a tight budget to get either the SX/SX(O) Venue or the E+,EX Creta you should get the venue. However if you can extend your budget, then the Creta is a better pick. In terms of performance, mileage and specifications, Venue has everything you will look out in a mid-size SUV. The Creta top end has a lot more features like ventilated seats being one o the them. This is the only time you should get the Creta over the Venue.

Hyundai Venue 2019 rear


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