Launched in 2015, the Baleno has been a great success for NEXA becoming a bestseller in its segment. Its bestselling tag has its reasons, be it the class-leading cabin space, striking exteriors and interiors or its driving experience. Now, the New Baleno becomes the first-ever premium hatchback in India to offer Smart Hybrid Technology with Dualjet, Dual VVT engine.

The question arises – what makes Smart Hybrid Technology smart?

  1. Better Mileage: The Smart Hybrid Technology has enhanced NEXA Baleno’s ability to improve the vehicle’s mileage. The brake-energy-regeneration plays an important role in this. When the driver applies the brakes, the stopping energy is recovered and stored into the battery as power. It already offers a mileage of 23.87km/l as per the ARAI claim. 
  2. Provides Torque Assist: So, what is the point of this extra power that is stored in the battery? When you need some boost in power to overtake, the battery supplies it to the vehicle. This means no extra load on the engine, the battery will compensate with the extra torque.
  3. Engine Start-Stop at Idle: Another important aspect is fuel economy. When at the signal, generally, one might not turn off the engine at a red light. The start-stop system switches off the engine and seamlessly restarts it when you press the clutch again.

Maruti Baleno 2019 India

Generally, performance and mileage are two opposite ends. In most cases, only one can be achieved. But, with Smart Hybrid Technology and Dualjet, Dual VVT engine, both can be achieved with the New Baleno. Dualjet features two injectors per cylinder for enhanced thermal efficiency and Dual VVT (variable valve timing) offers improved performance and fuel economy. Simply put, the engine uses modern technology to maximise the usage of petrol, and its modern components and technology ensure that the energy is spent in an efficient manner.

The Dualjet, Dual VVT engine meets the stringent BS VI norms. Since, all engines have to be BS VI complaint from April 2020, as a mandate, Maruti Suzuki is already leading the pack in the premium hatchback segment with the New Baleno.The existing 1.2-litre non-hybrid petrol engine has also been upgraded to comply with the BS VI emission norms.

Baleno hybrid System

All the BSVI engine reduces Nitrogen Oxide emissions by 25% and drastically reduces Non-methane hydrocarbon emission. This isn’t just better in terms of performance, but is environment-friendly too. In all our tests, we have always stated Maruti’s 1.2-litre petrol to the best in the segment, this strikes a balance between performance and mileage. With the Dualjet, Dual VVT – it further raises the bar. The company has improved the hardware and software of the engine and enhanced the exhaust system as well.

There is also the Smartplay Studio Infotainment System. This comes with an application allowing you to access the AHA Radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well. The New Baleno also has new refreshed from design with 3 d graphic grill .The 16-inch Precision Cut Alloy Wheels and LED Projectors with LED  DRLs look super stylish too.

The New Baleno with Smart Hybrid Technology with DualJet, Dual VVT engine is available on the Delta and Zeta variants priced at Rs 7.24 lakhs and Rs 7.86 lakhs respectively (ex-showroom, New Delhi). So go ahead and take the New Baleno for a spin.

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