The 2019 Toyota Glanza is coming soon. We have been bringing you the exclusive images of the cars interior and exterior completely revealed. But now the car has been officially teased by the company. The video shows the front of the car which looks exactly like the Baleno from Maruti except for the front grille, In an ad with the slogan ‘Hatchin Soon’. Toyota seems to be aiming for the younger generations with this car. The car has the Switch off work, switch on play! theme going on in the ads about it. We have got more pictures that show the complete car.  Apart from that, the exterior of the car does not seem to have any changes and appears to be a facelifted Baleno. The car gets a new grille with the Toyota logo and Toyota-centric badging at the rear. The launch date of the car has been revealed too. Check that out below.Switch off work, switch on play!

The car will be made with The Maruti Suzuki Baleno in the same plant at Gujrat. Toyota will be offering only two top variants of the car. The Baleno on which it is going to be based has been recently updated with a new engine and a Smart Hybrid system as well. Toyota will be more than happy to have all these updated features in a car it intends to sell with its badge on it. The car will also get the new 1.2-liter DualJet engine which is BS6 ready. In the pictured shared by the company below. We can see the car has the same look of the Baleno and we are expecting the front to have a slightly different look, a revised bumper, grille and some other changes to the DRL setup.

Toyota Glanza grille

The overview of the 2019 Toyota Glanza is that is mechanically going to be the same car. The Baleno has an impressive road presence. The interiors are also roomy and feel quite airy. All these traits are going to be great for a Toyota car. The cars will have some characteristics changed to its appearance. It will be given a subtle but distinctive look.  Along with the current engine and gearbox option offered with the Maruti Baleno, the 2019 Toyota Glanza is expected to get a new 1.5-liter petrol engine with a new six-speed gearbox. The Maruti Baleno was the car which gave the premium hatchback segment a boost. While being spacious and feature loaded, it is economical as well.

2019 Toyota Glanza Launch Date

We told you the car is going to launch in the first week of June. And it is. The car is launching on the 6th of June which is next month.

2019 Toyota GlanzaLaunching in June 2019

Toyota Glanza rear2019 Toyota Glanza Price in India

The car is expected to be priced aggressively. Toyota will be mindful of launching the car with an aggressive price. It will not want to give the Maruti Glanza a free rein on the market despite selling the same car. The 2019 Toyota Glanza should cost somewhere between, Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 11 lakhs (on-road).

Toyota has struck a deal with Suzuki which will involve them using the Brezza and the Baleno. This move will help Toyota filling the gap in their line-up. It will be interesting how the Suzuki plant will cope with the added number of cars that it will need to produce along with the Toyota vehicles. Amidst all this, there was also news coming in last week about – 364 units have been manufactured and Maruti adding these units to its sales report. This is a point of contention where an OEM is not reporting the sales of a car wearing its badge and the sales is reported by the supplier.

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Toyota Glanza front

The new spy shots of the interior below reveal the key, instrument cluster and the overall front row of the car. Everything appears to be the same as the Baleno. The storage, instrument cluster and the seats. We will have to wait and see the car in person to see the bigger changes and some details that have been altered. Below are clearer images of the cars side, front and interior. Do scroll down to check them out.

2019 Toyota Glanza Spy Shots

2019 Toyota Glanza Mileage

Maruti Glanza Mileage
Petrol in City13 km/l
Petrol on Highway16 km/l
Diesel in city16 km/l
Diesel on Highway22 km/l

The Glanza will be a fuel-efficient car like the Maruti Baleno. For the petrol engine, it will return about 13 km/l in the city and about 16km/l on the highway. The CVT will return 11 km/l in the city and about 14km/l on the highway. The diesel engine will return close to 16 km/l in the city and about 19 km/l on the highway. The car is built on a lighter platform thus has a major weight reduction, which results in better fuel efficiency.

Toyota Glanza steering wheel

2019 Toyota Glanza Dimensions

Length3995 mm
Width1745 mm
Height1500 mm
Wheelbase2520 mm
Ground Clearance170 mm
Kerb Weight890 kg

There will not be any changes in the dimensions of the car. It will be identical to the Maruti which is a spacious hatchback and offers good road presence too.

Toyota Glanza key

2019 Toyota Glanza Specifications

Two standard engine option with the 2019 Toyota Glanza will be there. There will be the 1.2-liter DualJet VVT Petrol which has [email protected] RPM and torque at [email protected] RPM. The second engine is going to be the 1.3-liter DDiS Diesel which has [email protected] RPM and Torque at [email protected] RPM. Maruti could also offer the new 1.5-liter diesel engine by then. Two Transmission options are going to be the 6-speed manual / CVT.

There are also speculations that there will be a new 1.5-litre engine introduced in the Baleno facelift. We hope to see it being used in the Toyota Glanza. This engine is developed by Suzuki and will also power other cars like the new Ertiga and Ciaz. A new six-speed transmission will also make it to the car in all probability. There is a good reason to expect that the 2019 Toyota Glanza will receive this engine too. The Baleno also comes with the RS variant. Will the booster-jet engine make it to the 2019 Toyota Glanza? We don’t know.


2019 Toyota Glanza Smart Hybrid

Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology with Lithium-ion battery helps in the following –

  • Torque assist function: The energy stored in the lithium-ion battery assists during acceleration
    delivering optimal acceleration and performance without compromising on fuel efficiency.
  • Idle start-stop function: The engine automatically stops when idle and silently starts when the
    optimal conditions are met. This helps in increasing Fuel- Efficiency.
  • Brake energy regeneration function: When the vehicle decelerates, the Smart Hybrid
    technology intelligently charges the batteries which in turn assist the engine’s idle start-stop and
    the torque assist functions.


2019 Toyota Glanza Interior

The Toyota Glanza will not have any major change in the interiors. The basic black theme from the Maruti Baleno will continue to be there. New upholstery will be seen. The seat fabrics and leather will be revised. The top end variant will get plush leather seats. The leather on the steering wheel and gear knobs will be of better quality. The steering wheel also might see a change. The dashboard layout will be the same. There should be a more advanced touchscreen audio system in place. It will have Car Play and Android Auto additionally, it will also be able to connect with various apps to control a few features of the car.

Toyota Glanza 2019

2019 Toyota Glanza Design

Toyota will retain the basic design and platform of the Maruti Baleno. Making an all-new platform and design will make the car expensive. Cosmetic changes will be done to the car, though, to bring in some freshness. It will get a new front end. This includes a new front grille. The headlamps will also have new projectors and will probably have better illumination. The LED daytime running lights also will be in a new shape. There will be new alloy wheels and there could be some different color options too.


2019 Toyota Glanza Pictures

2019 Toyota Glanza Competition

The car will receive a mixed reception. There is no telling what it would be like. But we do know it will take on its Suzuki cousin, the Baleno, the Hyundai i20 and the Honda Jazz. Let’s see what happens.

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