The Honda Activa 6G is going to come soon. This will be a very important product by Honda. The Activa 5G came before this model had received a lot of changes. A new headlight, an instrument cluster and much more. But with the new Honda Activa 6G, we will see more. The Honda Activa 6G will firstly spot the updated BS6 engine. The bike will also get a mild redesign too. But for the most part, we think that this bike will remain the same. The no-nonsense approach from Honda will continue and the bike will keep attracting a steady stream of buyers that makes this the best selling scooter by far in India. The pictures shared here are BS6 ready scooter being tested for ARAI’s mileage test. It also appears that the scooter is the Honda Activa 125. The chrome and front design give it away. The Activa 6G shall be introduced as a part of the deal to meet the BS6 emission norms. Honda isn’t expected to do a lot of changes on the scooter, apart from minor changes to the instrument cluster and the engine.

Honda Activa 6G engineHonda Activa 6G Launch

The Honda Activa 6G will come in during the festive season or the end of the year. If the bike is unveiled at the end of the year, we expect the launch to happen around the 2020 Auto Expo. The scooter will then be one of the biggest launches of next year. While this date is a speculated time, we will get a more solid date closer to when this scooter is launched.

Honda Activa 6G instrument cluster

Honda Activa 6G Price In India

The Honda Activa 6G is going to again come to the market at a reasonable price and we do not expect it increase in price. the Activa 6G should come around Rs 55,000 to Rs 61,000 (Ex-showroom). AAn nominal increase of Rs 5,000 will not put off buyers of this scooter. It will continue to be made using a metal body, albeit with changes to the body panels design. This will make sure that the Activa still is an attractive option for its buyers.  The scooter will get a disc brake with CBS and the instrument cluster will be revised.

Honda Activa 5G Ignition switch

Honda Activa 6G Mileage

We do not expect a major change in the mileage of the new Activa 6G. The Activa will be returning about 40-47km/l in the city and about 50km/l on the highway. It won’t be anything more than this. The claimed company mileage will remain as 60km/l. The Activa is the hot-selling scooter for the Japanese maker. It will not want any compromise on the product.

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Honda Activa 6G Specifications

The Honda Activa 6G is a bike that has been made with a great amount of understanding from the past. So stuff like telescopic forks will again not make its way on the bike. BS6 is an expensive technology and the price will be further increased if the Activa 6G will be given telescopic forks. The bike will continue with a metal body and the tyres will now get alloy wheels. The 12-inch tyres will get black alloys. There will be the 110cc and 125cc engine on offer with a disc brake up front and a drum at the rear. There will be CBS offered on this bike too. Other than this we do not see any more changes specifications wise. All these new scooters will be BS6, which will mean that it should be fuel injection. There is also a kill switch on the scooter, which will make the Activa 6G a good choice.

Honda Activa 6G rear


Honda Activa 6G New Features

The Honda Activa 6G will be getting a kill switch, parking-stand warning and a new instrument cluster which has adopted a few things from the Honda Grazia. We will see an overall improvement in the quality of parts too. The LED headlamp and the daytime running light will continue to be offered. The Activa 6G will be offered with drum brakes only. There will be disc brakes. But combi braking will be carried forward on it. The Activa 6G will have a metal body and could also get a telescopic suspension at the front. It will continue to have the 10-inch tyres and no alloys also. The company will want to keep the scooter as very basic.

Honda Activa 6G tyre


Honda Activa 6G Competition

The Honda Activa 6G will continue to compete with the TVS Jupiter and the Hero Maestro. The BS6 laws will mean a definite increase in the price of the vehicles. The increase will also make sure that better equipment and more features are offered. There are a lot of products in this segment, that compete with the Activa. In fact, there is also in house competition with the Activa-i, Cliq and even the Navi. These all go up against the Activa 6G.


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  • Finally, Honda has considered front telescopic suspension for its top selling Activa. It was much expected feature by the auto transmission scooter lovers. Thanks to Honda. It is expected the same will be provided by the company to its other products like Dio & Activa I also.