Honda sells the Jazz hatchback in India for some time now. The manufacturer has not ventured towards providing a hybrid or electric vehicle for the masses in our country. The car we are going to talk about today is the Honda Jazz Electric. Now Honda has already got the Jazz Electric which is also sold as the Honda Fit Electric abroad. This car here is wearing the fascia of the old Jazz, more precisely the Jazz from the last generation.

The car here wears the ‘Jazz’ badge, which means that Honda could be testing the powertrain of the car and is getting on board with the plan of electric vehicles will join the Indian. The electric version even if it comes, will be there on the next-generation only. The current generation has lived its time and will soon be due for a replacement globally. Read further to know more about the Jazz electric technology.

Honda Jazz Electric Launch

The Honda Jazz Electric will be launched in 2022. The car we see in the spy shots is a test mule. The Jazz Electric that will eventually be made will have to conform to the design and the platform of the Jazz a few years from now. The car will take some time to launch.

Honda Jazz Electric rear

Honda Jazz Electric Price in India

The Honda Jazz Electric will be slightly pricier than the regular car. The Honda Jazz will be around Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 3 lakh more expensive than the regular Honda Jazz.

Honda Jazz ElectricPrice (Ex-showroom)
Base variantRs 8 lakhs
Top variantRs 11 lakhs

Honda Jazz Electric Specifications

In terms of specifications, the Jazz will get an electric motor and batteries. We aren’t certain on what will be the range, but it will be competitive. So, at least 200-300kms is expected to come in. Honda has been testing this with the old-gen Jazz and it gets all the specs too. This will be exciting with the new electric variant being offered. The electric version shall be a lot faster and of course quiet as well. The Jazz is one of the first premium hatchbacks that has been spotted on test. We aren’t certain on the timelines for charging duration. Of course there will not be manual transmission, it will have an automatic only.

Honda Jazz Electric close

Honda Jazz Electric Competition

For the Honda Jazz electric, at the moment the only possible competition will be the Altroz. This is an all new premium hatchback that will make its way into India by 2021. This will have a range of about 200-300kms as well. It will be an all new hatchback. We reckon both will come at a similar time.

Honda Jazz Electric Features

There shall the same set of features on the electric as the manual version. The company will offer the following on the new-generation Jazz. Dual airbags, ABS + EBD, touchscreen with Android Auto, CarPlay and the works. These will be offered on this new vehicle as well. In terms of performance also, the Jazz shall offer a lot. There shall be climate control, reverse camera, 16-inch wheels and even multiple charging points as well.

Honda Jazz Electric Launch Date

The new Jazz will be revealed towards the end of 2019. This will be a global unveil in Japan mostly. There is still sometime for the launch in India. Expected timeline is late 2020 and the electric won’t come in till 2021.


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