While the country still lacks a comprehensive framework guiding both, industry as well as vehicle owners on automotive related recalls, auto-manufacturers have been proactively replacing parts from time-to-time. The entire exercise, more often than not is done in a hush-hush manner, lest things get blown out of proportion, as the risk of things flaring up remains rather high.

In-fact, it is appreciated by owners that manufacturers are indeed tracking vehicle and parts performance, at-least in the initial period of ownership. With extensive warranty programmes running into years and across lakhs of kilometres, these kind of exercises have become rather convenient. Domestic SUV manufacturer – Mahindra appears to be initiating a similar program for their newly introduced MY2015 Scorpio model.

An owner has reportedly mentioned over at automotive forum – TeamBhp that he received a call from the manufacturer requesting him to take his under-2 month old Scorpio over to the nearest ASC for an oil filter upgrade. So far, there’s been no one else who’s reported such calls, but we’ve reached out to fellow Scorpio owners asking them about it. We’ll keep you posted in-case there’s any further developments on this front.


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