Mercedes-Benz gave their A-Class a mini face-lift and the CLA-Class that’s based on the same underpinnings is the one to receive some attention. The four-door coupe has been spotted in the wild with minimal camouflage covering the lights fore & aft, along with the bumper up front. The rest of the car appears to have been untouched – which is good, considering just how new the model is on the roads still. With the design going untouched otherwise, it would be interesting to see what other changes in terms of the technical bits and/or power-plant options would be offered along with the refreshed.

The German Marque is on-track though to offer a new range of engines for the four-door coupe before the face-lift is introduced. From a European perspective, the CLA160 continues to be the entry level model, with a quad-cylinder, 1.6 Litre motor and 102 Bhp, 180Nm torque on tap. Mercedes-Benz’s French connection shall come into play when it comes to the diesel power-plant option, with a 1.5Litre 109 Bhp, 260Nm motor doing duty under the hood. Then there’s the CLA220d and the CLA250 petrol variants, both of which get a small 7Bhp bump in power. Buyers that crave for bit more juice would, as always, benefit greatly from the CLA45AMG’s banging 381Bhp motor (up from 360 Bhp, in the old one).



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