The new model year Jaguar XJ has been launched and it now comes with an Autobiography, however the new-generation Jaguar XJ will be launched in 2017. Expect it to be unveiled mostly at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. The new-gen flagship version of the British marquee will be based on the new aluminium platform that it will be sharing with the F-PACE, XE and XF. The new-generation XJ will be powered by Ingenium range of engines, and even expect a straight-six 3000cc petrol and diesel engines to be launched with this new flagship. Jaguar Land Rover will be raising the ante of their new flagship sedan and we can expect a lot of innovative technologies to be utilised in this new saloon.

Jaguar XJ 19

The current XJ is one of the first Jags to have an aluminium construction and it is about 15 kilograms heavier than the current XF. This is what makes a difference. The new-gen XJ will be more powerful, lighter and will have lower emissions too. Jaguar won’t just stop with the XJ sedan alone, there will be more to it. The new-generation XJ will have a radical design and will be a lot different from the current XF.

We shall keep you updated with what all can be expected from the new-generation XJ. For Indian car buyers, it will be only in 2018 that the new XJ will be introduced.


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