The Hyundai Creta has been a great product for Hyundai in India. It has been a very important product too. The car has been recently given an update. The facelift included a host of exterior changes and minimal interior changes. The Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition will be the new top variant of the car. The car will sit above the SX(O) variant which is the current top variant.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition

The car will be unveiled at the 2018 Sao Paulo Motor Show. The Creta Diamond edition is likely to sit above the top-spec Creta Prestige sold in Brazil which is equivalent to the Creta SX (O) variant sold in India.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition Price

The current top-end variant of the Hyundai Creta sits at Rs 18.40 Lakhs (On-road Mumbai). The upcoming Diamond Edition of the Creta will be even more expensive. The car will surely go into the 19 lakh bracket. To know more about the features and options one will get in this option of the Creta, scroll down now.

Hyundai Creta Diamond EditionRs 19 lakhs (approx On-road, Mumbai

Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition Launch

There is not a shortage of premium SUVs in India. The Hyundai Creta has already been warding off the Jeep Compass. In the future the Tata Harrier and the KIA SP will also fight for its crown. The Diamond Edition is an expensive car. We will not get the Brazil-spec 2.0-litre engine too. Not many people buy the top variant of the Creta too. Some settle for the 1.4-litre variant also. It will be launched in India if Hyundai thinks these upcoming premium SUV’s are seriously going to pose a threat.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition Specifications

The car will have a great amount of components changed. Almost 300 parts are going to be different in this variant. The Hyundai Creta for South American markets does not come with a diesel engine and is available with only a choice of flex-fuel engines. One is a 130hp 1.6-litre unit offered with a choice of a manual and automatic gearbox and the other is a larger 166hp 2.0-litre unit offered with an automatic gearbox as standard.

Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition Features

The Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition’s main purpose is to add to the premium tag Hyundai has been claiming it to be. The Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition is based on the refreshed Creta that made its debut back in 2017. As part of the Diamond edition package, the model gets a panoramic sunroof, unique exterior paint shades and premium quilted leather seats with dual-tone caramel and ivory leather. Those who liked the Creta before the facelift will be pleased to know that this variant is based on the 2017 model year car.


Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition Design

The Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition will have be based on the old 2017 model year car. The car will not be the Creta which we are using here. The facelifted Creta is already on sale here and the Diamond Edition will look weird with the old cars design. The car with its outdated design will look a little off in the crowd of new Cretas. Below are some pictures of the old Creta to give you a picture of what will the car look like.


Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition Competition

The Hyundai Creta Diamond Edition will be a great amount of the debate among buyers if it comes to India. The Creta for a certain few features like a panoramic sunroof and leather upholstery in the body of a old 2017 model does not justify the price it will come at. It will make cars like the Jeep Compass which has a 2.0-litre engine a better choice to look at.


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