Many of us neither heard or spoken ever, about the MG marquee. It has never come to India and only those in automotive circles know, MG Rover. MG was brought in it’s time of need by the Chinese company, SAIC. The company is known for making products on the GM and Volkswagen platforms it has got licenses for. Rover was Land Rover which was brought by Ford before being sold to Tata. Since then we haven’t hear much about MG until last year when the company decided to use the Halol plant in Gujrat as its base.


On our recent visit to China we got a chance to get reacquainted with MG Motors and get acquainted with the parent company SAIC. We learnt that the company’s first product which is going to launch in India in the second half of next year will be an SUV larger than the likes of Jeep Compass and Hyundai Tucson. However, we expect the pricing to be below this segment, making the MG SUV a market breaking product and something other manufactures will take notice of.

MG India SUV Launch

MG will launch this product in India next year, around April. The vehicle will be made in the MG’s Halol plant. As we have known the Bajoun SUV has been spotted testing in India many times now.

MG India SUV Price

So the diesel motor that will be used in the MG India SUV will be the Fiat units used in the Jeep Compass. The size of the car will be close to that of the Hyundai Tuscon and the Honda CRV. These attributes paired with a strong pricing strategy will make the MG brand unstoppable. The car is looking to slot itself in the 16 lakh to 21 lakh price range. This will be the same price bracket the Tata Harrier will be getting into.

 MG India SUV Specifications

The premium car that will be the MG India SUV is expected to be powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine and a 2.0-litre turbo diesel. Both engines will be sourced from Fiat. The Jeep Compass’ diesel motor will do duty on the MG SUV too. The top-end variants are expected to be equipped with automatic transmission and AWD capability.

MG SUV India Baojun 530 side

Recently a bunch of MG SUV’s have been spotted along with a Hyundai Tucson.This shows that the Chinese automaker is benchmarking its first Indian product against the premium Hyundai offering. MG Motor India MD, Mr Rajeev Chaba has revealed that the SUV is a mid sized C segment SUV. It is not a Hyundai Creta or Jeep Compass rival in any way, but a much bigger and a more premium offering.

MG India SUV Pictures

MG India SUV Interior and Design

The interior first! This is where as seen above we have come across some spy shots of the front row of the cars being tested under camouflage. The car looks like it’s borrowing details like the air vents, instrument cluster, door handles and the handbrake lever from it’s SAIC cousins the MG Baojun 530 and the Roewe RX5. It’s exterior styling will be very close to the Baojun 530 and will be have many design element s from other SAIC products.

The most intresting part of the above spy shots is the Roewe RX5’s big Tesla like touchscreen and it looks like the car will get a manual gearbox option in India.

MG India SUV Interior 1

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MG India SUV Competition

The car will compete with the upcoming Kia SP and the Tata Harrier in terms of size and pricing. Size could be even bigger depending on the platform chosen by MG. Many more details will soon paint a clearer picture of the firt MG India SUV soon.

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