A truck carrying beer rammed into Kishanganj toll plaza in Rajasthan and spilled liquor on highway. As the truck slammed into the toll booth at Jaipur-Ajmer highway, there was a splash of beer all over the place and a large number of cartons were strewn across the site of the accident.

At least one person was injured in the accident. A video footage of the incident showed a speeding truck crash into the toll booth, which was wrecked due to the impact of the hit.

As you can see in the video, the Mahindra Bolero crossed the toll slowly and then as soon as the Jeep Compass comes into frame the truck slams into the toll bridge and bathes the Compass with the contents of it’s trailer. The contents being a lot of beer. There were some reports saying rhth while the police tried to clear the scene, the locals to did their part in picking up a lot of beer.

Jokes aside, there is a report of at least one person being badly injured. There has been no further action or investigation that has brought to light, that what was the reason for the accident. The Jeep Compass does not seem severely damaged too as the toll bridge’s poll took most of the impact.

Jeep Compass Rear

This type of accident also highlights the Jeep Compass’ rear protection. As you can see in the video, minimal damage is done to the car after the truck slammed into it.


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  • The truck did not spam in the car. Please get your facts right before penning things down! 😡

  • If it had been maruti or Hyundai cars…. the tin would have got crushed… kudos to tank like built quality of compass.