Yamaha’s upcoming street fighter MT-15 has been spied in Indonesia. The Yamaha MT-15 will compete with other naked version bikes in the market.

Based on the R15, the Yamaha MT-15 will sport a identical 149.

8cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with SOHC (single overhead cam) and fuel injection. Thisengine delivers a maximum power of 17bhp at 8,500rpm and 15Nm of torque at 7,500rom. Mated to a six-speed transmission, it is claimed to rhave a fuel efficiency of 42km/l. 0-60km/h comes in 4.89 seconds, and is has an electronic speed limit of 130km/h.

The naked MT-15 looks similar to the R15 and the bike will also share several components with its sibling, V2.0, such as inner rear wheel mud guard, seats, exhaust, registration plate stalk, foot rest hangers and disc brakes.

Though, the naked styling elements will differentiate it from the regular supersports model. Unlike the Yamaha R15, R25, MT-03 and MT-25, the MT-15 features up-side down telescopic fork suspension system. The MT-15 is expected to be launched in India in 2016.

 Yamaha is also planning to bring-in a new dual sport bike XTZ Lander and also the YZF-R25 sportsbike, the naked MT-03 and MT-25 in the Indian market.
Source: IWB

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