Tata Motors will be looking at introducing the new-generation Sumo in 2017. This new SUV will be based on an all-new platform, which will have a lot of inputs from Land Rover’s technology. The Sumo has been a rugged vehicle for Tata Motors that has been designed to target rural car buyers. Now the SUV has aged and it will be discontinued in 2017, as the new crash norms will be set in place.

Tata Motors will be replacing the Sumo Gold with an all-new Sumo that will be lighter, powerful and a lot more fuel-efficient. The new Sumo will have a smaller engine with a similar power output, and a lighter frame for better efficiency and even to meet the crash-test norms. The work on the new Tata Sumo has commenced and the R&D (research and development) team should complete the work in 2018. This team is different from that which has been working on the new-generation Q501 and Q502. This is a different platform and Tata Motors will be initially using this platform only for the Sumo. The price of the new Sumo will be between INR 6.5-10 lakhs (on-road) and it will also replace the Movus.

The Sumo is a direct competition to the Bolero and Mahindra is working on the new Bolero, which is likely to be called as the TUV500. First to come out is the TUV300, which will be launched on the 10th of September. Tata will be soon launching the Hexa and the Kite twins in the next six months.


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