As the all-new 2017 Hyundai Elantra sedan is ian’t far away for a launch, the new-generation i30 launch will also happen at a similar time. The Hyundai i30 is also sold as Elantra GT in the United States and hence it should be out soon with the Eleantra. The caught i30 could likely be the all-new i30 / Elantra GT that’s out testing for the first time.  These images are from Europe.

Hyundai i30 (1)

The styling of the i30 that has been caught does resembles some of the lines found in the upmarket Genesis with a big hexagonal grille paired with slim and sporty looking headlights. This is how even the upcoming Elantra is likely to look like. As per the person who shared these images, he states that the Hyundai i30 that has been caught looks like a VW Golf Sportsvan, but he also believes that the camo that is playing a trick on us.

Hyundai i30 (3)

Hyundai i30 (6)

The current i30 debuted at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2011 and has already received an facelift. Hence it is about time that the new generation of the i30 makes it debut. Hyundai has a R&D centre in Germany, and this is where a majority of their new cars are designed, especially for the European car market. These are the first prototypes of the all-new i30. Especially with the new Elantra sedan around the corner, Hyundai will be gearing up to launch the new-generation i30 as well. This will be expected to be launched with a range of both petrol and diesel engines, all turbocharged.

Hyundai i30 (9)

Hyundai i30 (4)


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