Audi India is gearing up to launch the new A4 in India by the end of this year. The new Audi A4 will be powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine (30 TFSI) and the 2.0-litre diesel engine option (35 TDI). Audi already has plans to introduce several new products in its line-up and this year it has already got the new RS6 and the TT. The Q7 and A4 are the next to join the bandwagon.

Audi at the moment is the largest selling luxury manufacturer in India (2014 numbers) and has plans to launch 10 products this year. Audi’s new A4 will boost its sales as the new C-Class has been getting very good sales numbers, denting BMW and Audi’s numbers. The new A4 will be priced between INR 40-48 lakhs (on-road) and will be longer than the current Audi.

The luxury sedan segment has diesel as the dominate fuel and hence Audi is sticking with diesel as the major seller too, and focusing more on a powerful diesel engine. The Audi Q7 will also be coming in this year with a 3.0-litre diesel engine and will be also coming in a S avatar too. The SQ7 has been spotted by us previously.


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