Indian Scout ABS


In news that should bring cheer to Indian Motorcycle fans, the company has announced that it’ll be updating its entire lineup for the 2016 model-year. Riding on the back of strong second quarter results, the company’s entire product range has proved to be a hit with customers. This growing consumer excitement has led to the company increasing its dealership footprint on a global level. The increased consumer attention hasn’t gone unnoticed and Indian Motorcycles have acknowledged this by bringing some key updates to their models.

Among these model updates, it is perhaps the 2016 Indian Scout ABS that holds the most promise, here in the domestic market. Yes, you read it right. The iconic Scout shall now come with ABS on-board. Classified as a middle-weight cruiser, it is marked by a compact dimensions (from an international perspective) and seating that’s low enough at 23.5-inches, letting even the vertically-challenged rider to come swing a leg over the saddle with ease.

In addition to the Anti-Lock Brakes being added, the 2016 Indian Scout ABS comes with a cast aluminum chassis that promises to set the standard in handling and a balanced ride. You also get a genuine Yankee leather solo-seat as standard. The company had brought its entire 2016 lineup to the diamond anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Expected to be on our shores by the end of the year, all we can say is that the 2016 lineup promises to wow the crowds out here in India too.

Source: CycleWorld


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