Heads up Royal Enfield, something just happened. Jawa is back 3 brand spanking new bikes that are aimed squarely at the nostolgia filled, old bikers heart. That’s usually RE’s homeground since sometime. There has already been a strong social media campaign and a barrage of tweets form Mahindra associates and Mr Anand Mahindra himself about the brands revival this year. And with 3 new bikes launched, Jawa is just getting warmed up.

Jawa Motorcycles Launched

Jawa Motorcycles Price

This has been the most exciting part of these bikes launch. The price for each bike is given in the table underneath. The prices are truly competitive and Royoal Enfield has certainly going to have to take a good look at this line-up’s price and make sure the Classic 350 line up is a good and updated to mach the Jawas.

BikePrice (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)
2018 Jawa1,64,000 lakhs
Jawa 421,55,000 lakhs
Jawa Perak1,89,000 lakhs

Jawa price list

Jawa Motorcycles Models

There are three bikes that have been launched in India. The Jawa, the Jawa 42 and the Jawa Perak.

Jawa 2018

2018 Jawa Rear


The Jawa 2018 has retained its classic looks and taken up the name ‘Jawa’. The bike does get Bybre brakes with single channel ABS and a electronic start and kill switch which bring it into the 21st century. The bike also gets 3 new paint schemes and will come with a classic analogue instrument cluster.

Jawa 42

Jawa 42

The 42 or as on the back of the bike it was mentioned Forty two in alphabets, is the most modern Jawa here. Not with the spec sheet which matches the standard Jawa. The bike gets the same wheelbase, same 27bnp 28Nm of torque producing single cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid cooled engine. The bike gets the same brake setup and the same cigar twin exhausts too. But is cheaper and more modern looking. It’s off-set instrument cluster and modern seat make it look more of a scrambler in this line up. This bike will appeal to younger buyers and will be the cheaper one to go for.

Jawa Perak

This bike has the same engine as the 42 and standard Jawa but is a factory custom. It has tweaked engine that makes 30bhp which is more than the Standard Jawa and the 42. The bike dual channel ABS with dual disc brakes and a cooler looking instrument cluster. The bike also gets better suspension and a monoshock at the rear. It’s a single seater with a large leather seat. The Perak is a custom job and will be released a little latter than the standard Jawa and the 42.

Jawa Perak


Jawa Motorcycles Competition

There is no second guessing or opinions here. The Jawa Motorcycles will be coming for Royal Enfield’s lunch money. There is a cult following for Jawa in India. Old people who will remember the brand will make sure that they want to take a look around the Jawa showroom before heading for an RE bike. Jawa will start deliveries in the month of January next year. The manufactures already has a plan of over 105 dealerships and workshops all across India. The bike will be ready for customer viewing in December when showrooms become operational. The bike will Royal Enfiled Vs Jawa! Let the games begin.

Jawa Motorcycles Videos

Also if you want to see every individual Jawa motorcycle in more depth do check out our detailed and informative walkaround video’s for each of them below –


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  • Nice to hear about Jawa launch, I wish to know more kerala dealers

  • The R&D should manfacture like the Yamaha Sakura or make slight changes from the old model no fibre parts install telescope front forks led indicators stubbed dirt bike tyres front and back ohlins nitrox shocks

  • The air filter should be like the road king motor bike plz

  • Hi, i am interested to buy jawa bike. I always wanted to buy one during my college and initial working days. i am happy that now the time has come to fulfill my dream. Awaiting for launch.

  • Quite excited, I have a Yezdi Road King 1996 module kept in super stock condition ,looks like it just came out of showroom,
    In all signals I will be one of keywatcher because of Byke beating sound and Byke,
    If Mahendra takes the Yezdi Road King look and fix an 250 CC 4 stroke engine, nothing like that, all will follow the Race of Jawa instead of looking the showrooms of Enfiled and KTM or Bajajs