BMW will be unveiling the next-generation 7 Series on the 10th of June, as per the teaser released on the company’s website. The global debut will happen and the new flagship model will go on sale in the western countries in the second half of 2015 and it will be coming to India in 2016. The new BMW 7 Series will be 130kgs lighter and shall also have a hybrid powertrain too. The 7 Series has been made on a new aluminium chassis, which isn’t just lighter but is also stiffer. This means that the new 7 Series will be lighter, powerful, efficient and even better driving dynamics. The 7 Series will be offered with a new range of engines too. The 7 Series will get the high revving diesel engines and there is likely to be a diesel hybrid too.


The design of the new 7 Series will be an evolution than a revolution, with a similar kidney bean grille and double barrel headlamps. The 7 Series images were shared previously by the company, and we are adding them to this post as well. These have the exterior and even the interior images of the 7 Series. The new 7 Series will be technologically advanced sedan and BMW had recently invited a selected BMW customers to get their hands to the new-generation 7 Series. It has several new features that are new to the BMW brand.




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