As we had revealed last time, the new Fortuner and Innova will get a new set of engines and these will replace the existing 2.5-litre and 3.0-litre (2KD-FTV and 1KD-FTV respectively). The new engines will be 2.4-litre and 2.8-litre (also called as 2GD-FTV and 1GD-FTV) internally. The engines aren’t just downsized but even have the ESTEC technology (Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion), which enhances the fuel efficiency.

All the new engines will have six-speed manual and automatic transmission options. The Innova will get a 2.4-litre diesel engine that will produce 120-125bhp of power and will likely have an optional engine variant with higher power rating, while the Fortuner’s 2.4-litre engine will produce 158bhp of power and 2.8-litre engine shall churn 175bhp, making it a lot more powerful than the currently sold MPV and the SUV. The technology that is carried from the currently sold engines are common rail injection, variable geometric turbo and intercooler.

Toyota new Innova engine

The new Innova and the Fortuner will be lighter too, so there shall be an increase in performance too. The new Innova will be a lot premium and expensive than the currently sold Innova. The at-the-moment sold Innova will get a body kit and it will be renamed as the Innova Cross, as Toyota will not want to lose out on the market share in this price point. Toyota will also be looking at getting a compact SUV, which will be competing with the Ford Ecosport. This will be the Toyota Rush that will come in sometime in 2016 along with the Vios, its premium sedan against the Honda City.


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