There is no success or refreshing people’s memory as good as a refreshed and new set of products. The Tata Nexon has already made a name for itself with its unconventional design language for a SUV. But with the help of one of our avid readers, we have uncovered a new variant, the Tata Nexon KRAZ. A new version of the car that is already a great looker is awesome.

 Tata Motor has launched of the limited edition Tata Nexon KRAZ (pronounced as craze, /kreiz/), to mark the 1st Anniversary of the Nexon brand. This neo-styling design treatment is inspired from the active world of sports and combined with the athletic performance of NEXON to attract the enthusiastic, active and sporty youth of today. Available from 5th of September, 2018, the Nexon KRAZ will be available in two variants – KRAZ and KRAZ+ at a starting price of ₹7.14 lakhs for the petrol version and ₹8.07 lakhs for the diesel version.

While the car is mechanically the same, the KRAZ has been done up with some great colors and design details. Check out what we know about the Tata Nexon KRAZ below.

Tata Nexon KRAZ rear

Tata Nexon KRAZ Price in India

The Tata Nexon KRAZ price has been reveled.  This whole car will share its updates with the XT variant of the Nexon. Available from 5th of September, 2018, the Nexon KRAZ will be available in two variants – KRAZ and KRAZ+ at a starting price of ₹7.14 lakhs for the petrol version and ₹8.07 lakhs for the diesel version.

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Tata Nexon KRAZ front

Tata Nexon KRAZ Mileage

The mileage figures will be the same. The car is going to be mechanically the same car. There won’t be any changes here. The mileage on the petrol is going to be from 12km/l to 15km/l. The diesel will get 17km/l to 22km/l. These figures might vary on driving conditions.

Tata Nexon KRAZ centre console

Tata Nexon KRAZ Design

The Tata Nexon KRAZ gets 10 new styling highlights. The car is finished with a Tromso Black color scheme and is given neo-green touches to the ORVM, grill and the alloys. The roof is silver and complements the whole look of the car. The car gets the KRAZ or KRAZE+ badging. The white elements and anything else on this car has been removed. We can almost say that there is an air of evil and almost alien like sinister looks with this Nexon. The car looks really smart and has a cool low profile to it.

Also the Nexon has set a new benchmark with 4-star rating, adult safety score (13.56/17.00) – the highest amongst all the models tested across the Indian market by the Global New Car Assessment Programme and emerged as the ‘Safest SUV’ tested by Global NCAP.

Tata Nexon KRAZ centre console

Tata Nexon KRAZ Interior

The interior also sees a lot of KRAZ treatment. The piano black dashboard with the neo-green air vents look subtle and great. The center console and the door handle too get the piano black treatment. The premium factor does go up much with these additions. The seats have changed their fabric and become livelier with a neo-green stitching. The centre console gets a KRAZE badging on it. The piano black finishes also find themselves on the steering wheel. It will continue to get the brilliant Harman Surround System with the cool floating touch screen.

Nexon KRAZE Interior

Overall the cars look mixed with the exterior and interior has become more sinister and exclusive.

KRAZE Interior

Tata Nexon KRAZ Specifications

The Tata Nexon KRAZ is going to remain the same mechanically. There will be no changes to anything. The 1.2-litre petrol and the 1.5-litre diesel motors will still do duty on this variant. The KRAZE will also continue to get the different driving modes and the six-speed and AMT gearbox options. The brakes and the tyres are the same too. There is no change elsewhere.

So what do you think about this variant with major cosmetic updates for the Nexon? Will you spend more and buy the Tata Nexon KRAZE over the regular Nexon XT? Tell us in the comments below.

Also check out our video on the Tata Nexon KRAZ now-


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  • Bro, Tata Nexon is available in customized versions including sunroof. Check it in Tata motors website

  • Certainly i will think, provided the vehicle delivery is immediate. Also why not give automatic version in this being special?
    I will be happy when auto mfgrs will give customised versions as per my requirements. (Remember Dell computers)

  • ок, good