BMW has commenced testing of the new 5 Series (G30) at the Nurburging today and how could the camera miss out on this sedan. The next-generation 5 Series that has been spotted is the 530eDrive hybrid plug-in model. The powerplant on the 5 Series for the hybrid will be similar to that on the 3 Series eDrive. The battery is liked to be located in between the boot and the passenger cabin within the CVT (continuously variable transmission). Only on battery power, the 5 Series will be able to cover about 32 kilometres.

The styling of the new BMW 5 Series (G30) will be a lot similar to the G11 (the next generation 7 Series). This resemblance will be carried forward from the current generations and under the dummy car spotted L head lamps and L tail lamps are retained.

In terms of features several new 7 Series features will trickle into the new 5 Series also like the touchscreen iDrive, maybe an optional laser headlamps, automatic remote parking, wireless charging and new active comfort drive.

The new platform for the 5 Series will have extensive use of carbon fibre, making it lighter by a good 130kgs. There will even xDrive available (all-wheel drive system) on cars with six-cylinder engines. The Indian market will get the 2.0-litre diesel and petrol engines, and also the 530d will make its way in the Indian sub continent. There will also be the new 1.5-litre three-cylinder diesel that could be added to the Indian portfolio too. For the North American market it will have 530i, 550i and 540d models.

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