A few days ago we had revealed that Hero MotoCorp is working on 200cc and 250cc Impulse motorcycle, we have learnt that the first bike to come in will be with the 250cc engine. The 250cc engine will be the same one that will be powering the new 250cc motorbike concept that was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo. Hero MotoCorp is looking at expanding its current portfolio and diversifying from just commuter bikes.

Hero will be getting the Impulse 250 or the TR 250R will be launched by late 2015, or early 2016. This will depend on till when will Hero introduce the HX 250R. Both the TR and the HX will be powered by the same 250cc single-cylinder air-cooled engines that will produce about 31bhp of power and 26Nm of maximum torque. Both the bikes will be catering to a different set of audience. Hero has already introduced the Passion Pro TR, and the brand is looking at building the TR brand name further. Hero has registered the TR 250R and Impulse 200/250 tags already. The only thing that isn’t clear is that will Hero get back the Impulse brand or introduce the TR 250R. In the Impulse brand also, Hero was considering several options like the Impulse 250 or Impulse k2 or Impulse 2.0 or the HX 250 TR. The wait is just getting longer, and Hero could look at entering the market again as there is no off-road bike offered by any bike manufacturer.

Hero MotoCorp will also introduce its new 110cc scooter, the Dash concept which was also showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo. This scooter and the HX 250R are pending to be launched. Expect them to happen between April to June 2015.


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