Bajaj will be launching a new Pulsar 150 next month, as per confirmed reports from our sources. Bajaj has made NS and AS variants of the Pulsar 150 and one of them is due to be launched next month. This will be followed by the launch of the Pulsar AS 200, which is the Adventure Sport version of the currently sold Pulsar and then will come the last Pulsar bike, which will be either the 400 or another version of the 150.

Bajaj should also introduce the 400cc Pulsar, which will be the company’s new flagship model. The Pulsar brand has earned itself a strong reputation and Bajaj is looking at building it further. Even the Discover brand is doing good, though it did get a bit hampered with the 100cc bike that was introduced under Discover tag. Bajaj has introduced two 100cc bikes, the Platina and the CT100 this year.

The third launch for this year is the Pulsar RS 200, and there are three more launches that are pending. One of them is the Pulsar AS 200 and Bajaj is good to go for this year. It will try and cover all the motorcycle segments this year by introducing a new or refreshing its current product line-up. If you want to read about the ride and performance of the Platina ES and Pulsar RS 200, we have done a detailed review of the two bikes. The CT 100 is the same bike, which was sold till 2007.


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