The BMW X5 xDrive40e is the first plug-in hybrid production vehicle from the BMW core brand. The controlled interaction between the combustion engine and the electric drive together generate a total system output of 313bhp. The BMW X5 xDrive40e reaps the benefits of the technology and know-how transferred from BMW’s i brand.

The drive system of the BMW X5 xDrive40e comprises a four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor integrated with the eight-speed Steptronic transmission. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery pack can be topped up with mains electricity from any standard domestic power socket, or more quickly from the BMW i Wallbox, as well as at public charging stations. The high-voltage battery, which also supplies power to the battery for the 12V electrical system via a voltage transformer, is housed underneath the luggage compartment floor, where it is well protected in the event of a crash. With a capacity of 500 – 1,720-litres, the luggage area is barely compromised compared with other X5s. The standard charging cable can also be stored in a hinged compartment under the luggage area floor. The 2.0-litre petrol engine generates a maximum power of 245bhp and 350Nm of peak torque.

The electric motor has an output of 113bhp, while its maximum torque of 250Nm is available instantly in typical electric drive fashion. This boosts the engine’s output for increased responsiveness with absolutely no delay when accelerating from stationary, as well as providing strong performance whenever a quick burst of speed is required. In all-electric drive mode, the vehicle is capable of a top speed of 120km/hr, again, electronically limited.

The eDrive button on the centre console lets drivers tailor the powertrain according to their own preferences and situation. When the vehicle is first started, the default AUTO eDrive setting is activated, with both engine and electric motor working efficiently together. The electric motor alone is used for setting off with normal power requirements, while the engine cuts in at around 71km/hr or when the driver wishes to accelerate briskly. In this mode, the intelligent operating strategy determines the most efficient drive combination at all times and switches to it automatically. The driver can also switch to the all-electric drive mode setting MAX eDrive, whereupon the vehicle is powered solely by the electric motor.


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