Mercedes-Benz will be launching the GLC-Class SUV this year in India, mostly around the festive season. This will be offered with GLC 200 and GLC 250 CDI in India. This will be priced at about Rs 54-60 lakhs (on-road price). It is based on the new C-Class platform, and hence it is called as the GLC also. This will be made available with two-wheel and four-wheel drive options and 7G-TRONIC transmission. Expect a GLC 300 to be introduced at a later stage. The GLC will be showcased at 2016 Auto Expo and will be launched sometime in early 2016. The GLC will be launched in Europe in the coming few months.

This will be the second-generation GLC, the first one was called as GLK. The previous-generation couldn’t make it to India and other right-hand markets as there the design wasn’t suitable to make a right-hand drive version. That was one reason why it was made on the C-Class platform and it shares several important parts like chassis, driveline and engine specifications.

The new GLC doesn’t look anything like the previous-generation GLK, which did look a lot more boxy and rugged. This has a sleeker design and it will Mercedes-Benz’s competition to the X4. It has a lot of similarity in styling to the GLE-Coupe, which is still far off from its launch.

The GLC is a five-door, five-seater SUV, which possesses similar off-roader capabilities like the GLK. The wheelbase is longer and it offers more interior space and comes embellished with a lot more luxury features. A lot of interior bits will be shared with the new C-Class, be it the steering wheel, transmission and even the centre console.

Image Source: Autocar UK. For more images, click here.


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