TheYamaha RX 100 can be accused of igniting the passion of riding among teenagers and youths in the ’90s. This was every budding biker’s dream then. While there were other performance bikes available then such as the Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100 RTZ, Suzuki Shogun and Yezdi Roadking, the Yamaha RX100 was always special. It was power packed, small, easy to flick around and was a trouble-free machine. Launched in the year 1985, the Yamaha RX 100 has done what the Bajaj Pulsars have done in the modern era, and more recently the KTM Duke and RC range – attracting biker enthusiasts who look for performance at an affordable price. Now there has been a rumor going around, that the famous Yamaha RX 100 will be relaunched. ‘

Is this true? Will it come in again and make the difference? What will this bike be like? We try to find out.

Yamaha RX 100 Relaunch Date

The Yamaha RX 100 will not be relaunched now. It was rumored to be launching by the end of this year, however, this is not true. Yamaha has recently announced about taking the performance route and will not be focusing on the mass market segments where it has not been able to make a dent. In a recent announcement,  Motofumi Shitara, the newly appointed chairman of Yamaha Motor India Group, stated that the company will be focusing on the premium end of the motorcycle segment which will be 150cc and above moving forward. The bike could be a secret launch at the 2020 Auto Expo.

Yamaha RX 100 1

Yamaha RX 100 Relaunch Price

If we do see the RX100 come with a 100cc engine tuned for performance it will carry a price tag that will make it more expensive than the 100cc-110cc bikes of the commuter segment. The bike will be priced close to the KTM Duke 125. This bike has always been about performance and excitement. We expect this bike if it comes back to be close to Rs 1.2 lakh on-road. There have been reports that a scrapped Yamaha RX100 still costs more than Rs 1 lakh to completely be restored to its former glory. A brand new bike with modern materials, features, safety and specifications and stuff will be even more expensive.

BikePrice (Ex-showroom)
RX100Rs 1 lakhs

Yamaha RX 100 Relaunch Specifications

The original RX 100 came with a 98cc, two-stroke engine which had 11bhp of power and 10.4 Nm of torque. The engine was fitted with reed valves that reduce wastage of gases and help in better combustion. Yamaha was known to be the best in two-stroke performance machines, in the world. The Yamaha RX100 was a glimpse of what bigger two-strokes machines from Yamaha were capable of doing. Being a small 100cc engine, the kind of performance it delivered, had everybody wonder. It had the potential to beat many bigger bikes.

It was rumored the Yamaha RX 100 will be launched with a 4-stroke engine and will try to regain its title, it once enjoyed in the ’90s. But this is not true. Yamaha already has the Saluto in the 100cc space, which is an economy-conscious segment now. Enthusiasts are generally found in the 150cc segment and above, hence Yamaha is catering to them with the R15 and the FZ25.

Also, two-stroke engines are banned and the bike will lose some of its charm with a four-stroke engine.

Yamaha RX 100 Relaunch – Why the rumor?


The rumors of the Yamaha RX 100 relaunch, surfaced around two years back, when some pictures of a customized RX 135, in an auto show at Malaysia. The pictures were circulated and it was believed that the bike will relaunch with a 4-stroke engine. So, the fact of the Yamaha RX 100 relaunch is not true. Though we would love to see it hit the roads again, it is not possible in today’s era. Motorcycles have evolved a lot and the RX 100 belongs to an era that does not exist. It is best to leave it to that era and evoke that nostalgia whenever the Yamaha RX 100 is a topic of discussion

Yamaha RX100 Evolution


The Yamaha RX 100 later evolved into the RXG in 1996, which had a more powerful 132cc engine with 11.8bhp. This launch had become imperative due to stricter emission control norms that had come in. The RXG was aimed at higher fuel efficiency. The RXG later evolved into the RX 135 and simultaneously a sporty looking version – RX-Z was launched. There was also a 5-speed gearbox offer in these bikes later. However, this had its own set of issues and it failed due to poor fuel efficiency. The last of the RX-135s was sold with a 4-speed gearbox.

The successors of the Yamaha RX100 could never repeat the success of the original bike. After ruling the motorcycle market for over a decade, the Yamaha RX 100 (RX135) was laid to rest in 2005. The RX 100 badge should come back? We think the Yamaha RX 100 relaunch should have an original bike, body and engine make a comeback with modern touches like disc brakes and ABS. But the problem with this whole idea would be that two-stroke engines are banned?

Yamaha RX 100 Relaunch Competition

The bike if launched will compete with the Duke 125, the Apache 180 and the Hero Extreme 200. This be an exciting bike which will bring back the thrill of a small capacity motor.

Yamaha RX 100
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  • Features


The RX 100 was great bike that not only was a commuter and transportation automobile for many, but was also a tipping point in the country that changed the performance game. The market now looks at performance as a very important segment and it’s all down to the Yamaha RX 100 in India.


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  • Please lunch rx 100 . I am waiting. Please maintane engine sound. Tell me relaunch date in india.

  • Please lunch rx 100 . I am waiting. Please maintane engine sound.

  • Please lunch rx 100 . I am waiting. Please maintane engine sound.

  • I like very much rx100 so I want to buy this bike