TV was the most impactful means of marketing in the olden days and it still has the power. Cars and bikes have been considered as a privilege and the kind of ads that were there. We do miss them. Gone are the days, when old TVCs especially cars and bike TV ads were nostalgic. Most of the modern car and bike ads talk about sale/specifications/features only. So, which are amongst the Top 5 TVCs we remember? We list them down.

Following are the Top 5 Ads of all time!

Humara Bajaj

Humara Bajaj was a tag line that was very known across the generations. A scooter brand that did a lot for bonding and one of the reasons why it is still remembered as a scooter brand. The innovation of content makes us still recall the Bajaj Chetak scooter. The Indian 2W manufacturer had a lot moving for itself.

Maruti Suzuki – Papa Petrol khatam nahi hota

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car seller also had its fair share of advertisements. One of  the best recalls is the ad of a yound kid playing with this Maruti scale model and when his dad asks him to stop. The son responds, “He can’t do anything, petrol khatam hi nahi hota hai.” Indicating the strong mileage point of the car.

Fiat Palio

A car brand that is loved by enthusiasts but not so successful in India. Fiat Palio had its share of good commercials. We can’t forget the Linea commercial, but the one with Michael Schumacher getting his F1 car was just epic. The 7-time World Champion comes to a fuel station with his F1 car and no one attends him. On the other hand, the Palio gets the entire crew coming to fuel, check tyre pressure etc.

Suzuki Samurai – The no problem bike

If you are a biking enthusiast, you will know the Suzuki Samurai. A super quick 100cc bike that went up against the Yamaha RX 100. This bike also has a commercial that is well known. Suzuki Samurai – no problem commercial. People loved this vehicle for its power and also its advertisement too.

Tata Safari 4×4

The start of 4×4 in India with luxury was with the Tata Safari. This was offered with 4×4 and was an aspirational SUV. The Kim Sharma starrer commercial wasn’t funny, but surely an advert many of us do remember.

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