Mahindra Bolero is India’s highest selling SUV. The volumes it sells outnumbers several cars. This SUV that clocks about an average of 8000 units per month, is certainly commendable, the way it has captured the market. The Bolero is a no-nonsense, rugged utility vehicle that is affordable and has go-anywhere capabilities. It is quite a favourite in rural areas, where the terrains are a major challenge for any vehicle. The Mahindra Bolero has been a favourite for many years now and no other SUV has managed to dislodge it from the numero uno position.

It’s not only for just a purpose that people buy it, but for many, it is a way of life. People swear by the capabilities of this rugged workhorse. We take a look at some Boleros that have gone beyond being just utilitarian. These are modified Mahindra Bolero vehicles that are unique in their own way. Some are inspired from other big brands and some have been customized creatively as well. Let’s have a look at the top 5 Mahindra Bolero modifications.

Bolero G-Wagen


One cannot but mention this particular Bolero that has been modified into a Mercedes G-Wagen SUV. It is styled like the G63 AMG. One look at the vehicle gives an insight into what intricate detailing has gone into making it look this way. On the road, anyone can mistake it for a Mercedes G-Class. Pictures of this Bolero, modified in Kerala have been a rage over the internet. Right from the front grille, to the bonnet and alloy wheels this Bolero cleverly mimics the G-Wagen and is one of the best mods you’ll find.

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Bolero Hummer


Another super mod from Kerala, this Bolero takes the guise of the mighty Hummer.While it is not as wide, the front grille has ben made to resemble the Hummer H3. Apart from that the bonnet scoop makes it look ultra cool. The closed styling all around the vehicle also resembles the Hummer H3. While it is far away from what a real Hummer would be, this Bolero gives it a head turning look and of course a talking point as well.

The mean look Bolero


This Bolero is an interesting piece of work. The front look has been totally changed and gives it a very mean look. The extended bumper resembles a pouting lip or a shovel and adds some volume to this SUV. The flared wheel arches loo neat and slick. Extra wide tyres add some flair as well. There are pilot lamps placed on the roof.

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High riding Bolero


By the looks itself one can draw inference that this Bolero is meant to be take off road. The extra wide tyres and the raise stance makes this Bolero stand out in a crowd and also adds to its off-road capabilities. This one also has a snorkel fitted that enhances its water wading ability. The front bumper is also an extent one and has a slot for mounting a winch as well. Modified for extreme off-roading, this Bolero looks butchy and purposeful at the same time.

Black Beast Bolero 


This Bolero is a Black Beast. Fitted with Projector LED headlamps that are styled sleek and look mean, this Bolero is quite a sight on the roads. A heavily fared wheel arches and front bumper make it look bigger than it actually is. The two large, round fog lamps do look out of place here, but maybe the designer has a different opinion. The turn indicators are mounted on the large front bumper. An open-mesh, inset grille also adds to the looks of this Bolero.

Do comment on which one did you like the most and share some images with us if you have seen something more cooler than this.


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